Griboyedov Canal and its embankment

The Griboyedov Canal (until 1923 – the Ekaterininsky Canal) is a canal in St. Petersburg, originating from the Moyka River near the Field of Mars and flowing into the Fontanka near the Malo-Kalinkin Bridge.

The length of the canal is 5.1 km, the width is 32 m, the depth is up to 3.5 m, and the average water flow is 3.1–3.4 m³/s.

The toponym is also used as a common name for the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal.

There are 21 bridges across the canal:

  • Novo-Nikolsky Bridge
  • Krasnogvardeysky Bridge
  • Pikalov Bridge
  • Mogilyovsky Bridge

  • Alarchin Bridge
  • Kolomensky Bridge
  • Malo-Kalinkin Bridge

Main attractions

Crosses Kryukov Canal near Sadovaya street.

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