Demidov Bridge in St. Petersburg

The Demidov Bridge is a road cast-iron arch bridge across the Griboedov Canal in the Admiralteisky District of St. Petersburg, connecting the Kazansky and Spassky Islands. An object of cultural heritage of Russia of federal significance.

The bridge crosses the canal along the axis of Grivtsov Lane (formerly Demidov Lane). Upstream is the Stone Bridge, below is the Sennoy Bridge. The nearest metro station (150 m) is Spasskaya.

By 1776 there had already been a wooden bridge. In 1834-1835, according to the project and under the supervision of engineer E. A. Adam with the participation of P. P. Bazin, the bridge was rebuilt into a single-span arch.

The total length of the bridge is 38.5 m, width – 16.09 m.

The bridge is designed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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