Sennoy Bridge in St. Petersburg

The Sennoy Bridge is a pedestrian metal girder bridge-heat pipeline across the Griboedov Canal in the Admiralteisky District of St. Petersburg, connecting the Kazansky and Spassky Islands.

The bridge connects the embankments of the canal opposite Sennaya Square. Upstream is the Demidov Bridge, below is the Kokushkin Bridge. The nearest metro station is Spasskaya.

The first bridge at this place was built in 1931 for the laying of Lenenergo heating pipes, as well as for pedestrian traffic. It was a wooden bridge of a beam-strut system on wooden pile supports. Due to the complete decay and, as a result of the emergency state of the span, in 1952 the bridge was replaced with a new metal one.

The bridge is single-span metal beam. The bridge is 2.3 m wide and 22.5 m long.

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