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Electricity rates for 2020 include modifications to assist economically disadvantaged people and favour energy efficiency and self-supply

The Cabinet has approved the modification of electricity tariffs for 2020. These new tariffs incorporate some changes aimed at promoting self-supply, making the rate more accessible for economically disadvantaged people and energy costs optimization by shifting the consumption to the times when it is cheaper. The new rates will be applied from January 1, 2020.

The …

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Government resolves that Andorra Telecom is to allocate part of Avatel’s capital gain to finance the public-private housing fund

The board of shareholders of Andorra Telecom (the Government) has approved the allocation of capital gains obtained from the sale of Avatel’s stake in the capitalization of future public-private fund of affordable housing. As the Minister of Finance of Andorra, Eric Jover, explained, “the fund will be created under the National Housing Institute Creation Act, …

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A conference “Euro banknotes: verifying authenticity and detecting counterfeits” will take place on December 18th

The conference will take place on December 18, at 9.30, at the Chamber of Commerce of Andorra. It will be held by representatives of the Judicial Police and Criminal Investigation Area, such as the National Central Office (OCN), in accordance with the provisions of the Law 17/2013.

This Law is dedicated on the introduction of euro …

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The conference “Financial markets: expectations for 2020” takes place in Andorra

Thursday, 19th December at 18.30h in the Crèdit Center building, 3rd floor, Av. Meritxell, 80, Andorra la Vella.

Confirmation of attendance on 88 88 88 before Wednesday, 18th.

Financial markets: expectations for 2020. Crèdit Andorrà is pleased to invite you to the conference ‘Financial Markets: expectations for 2020’, led (in Catalan) by David Macià Pérez, CFA, Investment …

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Market basket and food cost: Spain VS Andorra

Food prices and consumer basket: Spain VS Andorra

(updated: 01.01.2020)

Water, milk, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits


Products/ Prices
Hacendado (Spain)
Eco/Marque Repère (Andorra)

Cooked ham

1,88€ (12 slices – 250g)

3,29€ (10 slices – 500g)(Eco)

Cheese Sandwich
1,00€ (200g)
1,75€ (300g) (Eco)

Olive oil
11,00€ (5L)

15,00€ (5L) (Coosur)


Orange juice
1,00€ (1L)
0,97€ (1L) (Marque …

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The recovery and resolution of banks and investment companies bill of Andorra is approved

photo: govern

The recovery and resolution of banks and investment companies Bill of Andorra is approved. The Government has approved the Recovery and Resolution Act of banks and investment companies, which aims to enable the resolution of any financial institution without entailing a serious interruption to the system, minimizing as much as possible the …