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Specific protocols for Coronavirus activated

The Minister of Health, Joan Martinez Benazet, informed the Government of the actions that are being taken in relation to the new Coronavirus identified in China and the situation in Andorra. He informed that since the start of the alert, the health authorities have proceeded to inform health professionals and reminded them of the appropriate …

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The average salary in 2019 is 2,129.44 euros

The Cabinet approved this Wednesday, on the proposal of the Minister of Finance, Eric Jover, the Decree announcing the publication of the average monthly salary of all employees registered in the Social Security Fund (CASS) in 2019, which stood at € 2,129.44. This figure represents an increase of 0.8% compared to 2018. This amount is …

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New records today in Arinsal: Robert Antonioli and Victoria Kreuzer won the Vertical race of ComaPedrosa pulverizing the previous best times of the race

Aurélien Gay and Grace Staberg triumphed among Juniors, while Davide Magnini and Emily Harrop in the Espoir category

Robert Antonioli (ITA) and Victoria Kreuzer (SUI) have won the Vertical race in Arinsal, writing down the best performances ever with the times of 26’36” (Antonioli) and 31’56” (Kreuzer). Regarding the other victories, Aurélien Gay (SUI) and Grace …

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Ski Mountaineering World Cup organizers changed individual race conditions due to heavy snowfall in Andorra

La Comapedrosa discards the option to reach the summit due to “safety” concerns.

The individual race will take place in Arinsal if the conditions don’t change.

Ski mountaineering world cup organizers announced that Comapedrosa’s summit will not be crowned as expected, due to adverse weather conditions and concern for “safety”.

In that sense, the race promoters were waiting …