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: Andorra

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europe_travel_guide guide. How to get to Andorra by bus?

Andorra – Barcelona (NOVATEL bus)

Andorra – Barcelona (DIRECT bus)

Andorra – Toulouse (NOVATEL bus)

Andorra -Madrid (ALSA bus)

Andorra – Lleida (MONTMANTELL bus), RENFE railway station

Andorra – Vic – Girona (NOVATEL bus)

Andorra – La Seu D’ Urgell

Andorra – Costa Dorada

Andorra – L’Hospitalet de pres, SNCF railway station

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Europe travel guide. Hotels in Andorra
europe_travelling_guideAll hotels, hostels and apartments for rent in Andorra. The world’s largest hotel search Trivago published a rating of European cities with cheapest hotels in 2016. The lowest rate is recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Among other European cities with cheapest hotels are Skopje, Sarajevo, Tirana, Bucharest. In sixth place is Warsaw, the seventh — Belgrade

The last in the list of the TOP 10 is Andorra La Vella (capital of Andorra). According to Trivago, the night in hotels of Andorra La Vella, on average, costs £61. The most expensive city in the ranking is London, where a night costs, on average, of £184. 

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escaldes-engordany_2016Europe travel guide. Andorra shopping. 

The capital of Andorra—Andorra la Vella, that is located in a cozy chine of the Pyrenees, from recent time can offer maximum opportunities from the point of view of European shopping.

First of all, it concerns prices for all the goods in Andorra. Due to the fact that the VAT rate in Andorra is one of the lowest (IGI) 4.5%, shopping in Andorra is one of the most advantageous within the bounds of EU. The prices for clothes, electronics, alcohol and some foodstuff are 15-20% lower than in neighbor Spain or France.

Secondly, shopping in Andorra la Vella presupposes maximum concentration of boutiques, stores and shopping centers per square meters. There are more than 2000 stores in Andorra, i.e. more than 40 per one citizen. For instance, being in Avenue Carlemany you are within walking distance from monobrand boutiques with clothes or jewelries, sporting malls and supermarkets that sell alimentary products and alcohol.

Thirdly, a top-notch shopping is combined with inseparable landscapes, skiing, thermal springs and developed touristic infrastructure. Shopping in Andorra is one of the major reasons of the fact that the Principality with 70 000 of citizens is annually visited by 8 mln of tourists.

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tour de france 28Europe travel guide. Museums of Andorra.

MULTITICKET (Passmuseu) became the most convenient way for the visitors to attend all museums of Andorra (17) that tell about local customs and traditions of the Principality as well as of the outstanding Romanesque 1000-year-old art heritage, etc. The MULTITICKET is valid for 1 year and includes 17 museums. It is personal and gives its owner the right to visit each museum out of 18 once. The cost is 19 euro, MULTITICKET can be acquired in all museums and touristic bureaus.

Get one pass for all 17 museums only for 19 euro here




тобогган_натурландияEurope travel guide. Sights and architecture. 

Being a part of the Pyrenees, Andorra was  obviously swayed  by the cultures of foreign countries. Alongside with that, in spite of its relatively small territory, this country has got a lot of authentic staff, which is evident in its architecture. Pre-Roman and Romanesque periods lasted here much longer than in other European countries, where the succession of art styles was much more dynamic. Romanesque architecture of Andorra tells us the story of 7 parroquies (provinces), keeping a part of its charming story secret. The oldest churches of Andorra, dated by the XI-XII centuries, are famous for their small sizes and simplicity. Its only decoration is a perfect harmony with nature.  You will see that yourself, getting acquainted with the landscapes of Andorra and discovering its architectural monuments. 

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Europe travel guide. Excursions and tours in Andorra.

Those who visit Andorra can make a closer acquaintance with the natural beauty of its valleys and historical heritage by means of manifold touristic routes that encompass the whole country. They allow  travelling back to the past of the country,  to the times when bishops, feudals and peasants used to live in harmony.

One of the most interesting routes is Iron Route. The first reference goes back the XVI century. This was the time when iron stone extraction became one of the most popular types of industrial activity. The route around the granite made architectural monuments at Escaldes-Engordany and Sant Julia de Loria provinces is no less interesting.

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europe_travel_guideEurope travel guide. Cuisine and restaurants of Andorra.

Andorran cuisine is a mix of cookery traditions of the neighboring countries – Spain and France, also Catalonia, however according to the expert’s opinion, traditional dishes are cooked in Andorra more simply and the domestic way of its preparation is brightly represented in it. Restaurants in Andorra are located as in cities so along the highways, and their quantity is more than 400. The schedule of the most restaurants in Andorra is: 12:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 24:00.

Andorran cuisine is an example of preservation of the traditional, adapted to high mountains cuisine, which uses high-quality products, granted by this land.

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europe_travel_guideEurope travel guide. Winter ski resorts of Andorra.

Andorra winter ski resorts – maximum density of ski lifts per square meter in the world with the capacity of 160.000 people per hour.

Andorra is the sunniest winter ski resort in Europe. The season here begins in December and lasts until mid-April. In winter at night the temperature is usually below zero, and in the daytime rises up to + 10C, the depth of snow cover varies from 50 to 300 cm. The peculiarity of the Andorran winter is that there is snow in the mountains and at the same time blooming flowers in the capital Andorra la Vella, which is located within 10-minute driving distance. Grandvalira resort and the second largest ski resort in Andorra – Vallnord have got at 182 ski slopes at their disposal as well as several zones for other winter sports and extreme activities. Thus, winter holidays in Andorra offer a wide range of skiing options for diversified guests: from beginners to the most experienced skiers.

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europe_travel_guideEurope travel guide. Andorra in summer.

Golf, carting, kayak, fishing, via ferrats, family parks…

What to do in Andorra in summer?





andorra_4Europe travel guide. Caldea and SPA resorts of Andorra.

Caldea.Water is one of natural resources of Andorra. Besides lakes and rivers, that head from here, there are sulfur rich thermal springs in Escaldes-Engordany. It is recommended to use these springs for therapeutic and cosmetology purposes in order to reestablish life forces, to release stress as well as for treatment and prophylaxis of rheumatism and skin diseases. There are many recreation centers in Andorra, they allow to take maximum advantage from your holiday any time of the year. After skiing and shopping there can’t be anything more relaxing than to spend several hours at Caldea, the biggest thermal center of Southern Europe.

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велоспорт_андорраEurope travel guide. Cycling in Andorra. 
Andorra is a popular stage for manifold international bicycle races, such as Tour de France,  Vuelta a España, Volta a Catalunya, World Championships and manifold gatherings of mountain bike riders (MTB).

The amateurs of highway cycling may enjoy the landscapes, roads and mountain passes. Those, who prefer mountain bikes, may ascend together with   their bicycles by cable lifts that function year-round and attend bicycle parks of Grandvalira and Vallnord or to ride over manifold landscapes of the country on their own.  The 37th bike ride over Andorran Pyrenees took place here in 2014. Annually, this ride is attended by both professional sportsmen and hundreds of newcomers.

The total amount of cyclists, that attend the country from summer till autumn, is no less than the amount of skiing amateurs. In summer the biggest ski resort of Andorra—Grandvalira turns into the bike park. Oscar Saiz, a manager of Soldeu bike park, is a world-known sportsmen in such discipline as downhill MTB. Together with his team, he daily conducts trainings for both inexperienced MTB bikers and for professionals that have their exercises at Grandvalira slopes.

Look here for travel guide with routes and parks


europe travel guideEurope travel guide. Andorra backpacks. Walking is the best way to get acquainted with the landscapes of the country. During such journeys, a traveler discovers new and new secrets of nature step by step, without any hurry. Andorra offers several long-distance walking routes: far and wide of this amazing country.

In case you plan a family walk, we advise you to see through the guide Camins d’Andorra, that offers 54 routes. There are the walks over 2 national parks. One of them –Madriu-Perafita-Claror is under the protection of UNESCO. The road Fontverd leads to the heart of the valley. Both in here and at Sorteny National Park one may find more than 800 species of plants, quite a number of them can be found only in the Pyrenees. Manifold wooden markings, information panels and terrain maps will help not to get lost. It is really involving to walk along ancient roads that have preserved the history of ancestors: woodsmen and shepherds. Woodsmen’s road goes through La Rebassa forest (Sant Julia de Loria) with Scotch pines. Its height makes up 1400-1500m above the sea level.

In case you wish, it is possible to use the services of experienced guides that will help you not to get lost and will reveal you the most mysterious secrets of the Pyrenees. All eco-touristic routes will demonstrate you the peculiarities of flora and fauna, Andorran culture and traditions and will show you all quiet nooks of these places. For instance, you will see and hear the voices of rare birds, such as: gold-crested wren – the smallest bird of European continent. Among the mammals, that live in the Pyrenees, one may see chamoises and  groundhogs. Enclar valley shelters a big amount of chamoises.  Forests are rich with berries: blackberries, raspberry, strawberry, as well as with mushrooms.

There is also a special route that goes through Catalan speaking regions (EI CAMI).

All routes you can find here

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