Geography of Catalonia

The geography of Catalonia describes the relief and how it affects the human relations (trade, demography, transport) that are established on the territory of Catalonia, in the sense of the autonomous community.

Total area of approximately 32,000 km².

It is bordered on the north by the states of Andorra (65.3 km) and France — the Department of …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Post-Technology and Man-Machine Society: the Conceptual Lag is Much More Dangerous than the Economic and even Technological Lag, says Futurologist Sergei Pereslegin

Sergei Borisovich Pereslegin is the director of Knowledge Economics Center at the International Scientific-Research Institute for Management Problems, scientific director of “Knowledge reactor” project group and a specialist in the field of future forecasting and modeling (psycho history).

Today we are talking with Sergey Pereslegin on the subject of the Sixth (VI) techno-economic paradigm:

How can you …

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New exhibition on Biodiversity is available at the Tobacco Museum until January 20, 2019

The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability, Sílvia Calvó, and the President of the Fundació Julià Reig, Déborah Ribas, inaugurated the SOM BIODIVERSITY this Wednesday, which can be visited at the Tobacco Museum until January 20, 2019.

The exhibition is organized by the Tobacco Museum and the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability and sponsored by …