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Temporary assistance in Andorra ends with a deadline of 31st December given the persistence of the health emergency situation

Phase four of exceptional measures to alleviate the situation caused by COVID-19 in Andorra continues to support the economic and social fabric of the country – especially those companies that had their activities compulsorily closed and those most affected by the decreed measures. The new bill of Andorra provides for temporary assistance starting on 1st …

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Andorra welcomed the FWT-21 competition

Photo: FWT

Sunny skies and spring-like conditions welcomed the competition in Andorra today. Competition went down on Ordino Arcalís’ Port del Rat face, which proved the perfect playground for athletes to unleash their tricks.

Hedvig Wessel (NOR-1st Place) made it two consecutive wins in Andorra by launching an enormous backflip above some rocky terrain before …

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In the face of the continuous increase in social instability the Red Cross Andorra makes a new collection of food and basic necessities for this February

The Red Cross Andorra is preparing a new collection of food and basic necessities for this February. In November 2020, 18 tons of basic products were obtained, but in the face of the continuous increase in social instability, these are again becoming scarce, despite the contribution of companies, individuals and the Red Cross’s own resources.

For …

What to do today? Cultural events in Andorra with Clare Allcard

#26 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Tuesday, 7th April, 2020


484 active cases (10 more than yesterday which was 17 more than the day before.)
52 cases in hospital: 38 on the wards and 17 in ICU (14 with mechanical ventilation.
The youngest patient has been taken off the ventilator.)
432 at home.
18 special workers are positive – 1 more than yesterday.
91 …


We should dedicate at least one hour a week to relaxation and self-care; getting a massage is very important for this, as it helps to control stress levels, said Jesus, Aranda, a professional massage therapist at Caldea

Jesus Aranda is a professional massage therapist from Catalonia. He came to Andorra in 2015, and prior to that he worked in a physiotherapy centre in Spain where he also gave physical training classes as he has a Degree in Physical Activity Sciences. He now works as a massage therapist in Caldea. He told us …