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Ski resorts of Spain: Masella and la Molina

Ski resorts of Spain: Masella and la Molina. Catalonia. Pyrenees.

ALP 2500 – this is the name of one of the most popular ski resort in Spain which brings together two ski stations on the Pyrenees – Masella and la Molina. It consists of 117 slopes of different levels (22 “green”, 40 “blue”, 39 “red” and …

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On 31st October Andorra will celebrate its official holiday – the day of chestnut (la Castanyada)

La Castanyada—a national holiday of Catalonia (the day of chestnut) is widely celebrated in Andorra. The name of the holiday derives from the word castanya—that is translated as “chestnut”. Chestnuts can be bought here on Allhallow Day Eve (Tots Sants) that coincides with a second popular Halloween—at night from October 31 till November 1. On …