Car rental Andorra

The best way to get from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) to Andorra and for traveling around Andorra is to rent a car. That will assure a necessary level of mobility and will allow avoiding the problems related to waiting for a taxi. One may rent a car either in Spain or France (at the airport or at a rental agency) or in Andorra.

In Andorra car rental companies offer a wide range of vehicles and prices. Some companies ask for a 100 euro deposit from a debit card of the client, which is returned when the car is returned. A credit card payment assures a non-deposit form of payment. At the airports of Barcelona and Toulouse parking for rental cars can be found at all terminals, including international ones. Thus, a car may be rented for the entire period of a stay in Andorra and then returned near the check-in desk of your flight.

It is possible to hire a car in Andorra if you are at least 21 (some require a minimum age 25) and have at least 1 year of driving experience and a current driver license. It should also be taken into consideration that if you are younger than 25, additional 10 euro payment per day may be charged. Additional 10 euro for a baby seat and GPS are also available at some companies.

The price of rental car varies depending on the category, car type and the period of rental, starting from 35 euro for Fiat Tipo up to 350 euro per day for the cars of BMW X5 class. Additional payment is taken for preliminary booking.

An obligatory condition of renting a car is a credit/debit card with the minimum balance of 600 euro.

The price of rental car includes unlimited car usage, insurance that will cover all the expenses for any damage which result from an accident; VAT (4.5%) and other taxes. As a rule, the price of gasoline is not included. If you rent a car with a full fuel tank you need to return it in the same state.

Full list of car rent companies

Police radars on a map of Andorra

Main extracts from Traffic Code of 10th June, 1999

Fuel prices

Look for gas stations on a map of Andorra here

Parking in Andorra. Similar to the rest of Europe, overnight or extended parking is expensive.  The penalty for parking in the wrong place is quite high even in comparison with standard European rates. Usually first 30 minutes of parking are free. Next 30 minutes costs ~ 0.5 euro. The price for a daily ticket starts with 18 euro, a month ticket costs about 85 euro. Look for public parkings on a map of Andorra la Vella here

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