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The Association Pirineus Watt (PW) is developing a network of cultural routes, to promote the hydroelectric heritage and landscape of the Pyrenees

photo: Pirineus Watt (PW)

The Association Pirineus Watt (PW) is developing a network of cultural routes, to promote the hydroelectric heritage and landscape of the Pyrenees. The first of them is the Pearson Route, named in honour of Frederick Stark Pearson, the engineer who in the early twentieth century contributed greatly to the production …


Espot will host the Espot Ski Trophy of Alpine Ski Interclubs and the Catalonia Mountain Ski Championships; Port Ainé will be the endpoint of the Cycling Tour of Catalonia again, said SkiPallars Director Xavier Bigordà

SkiPallars is the umbrella brand that encompasses the mountain resorts of Pallars Sobirà. This brand evolved from the brand “GranPallars”. The resorts of Espot and Port Ainé are managed by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya and are focused on downhill skiing, although the increase of non-skiers and ski mountaineering visitors have brought them to …

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Cheap alcohol. Andorra: 4.5% VAT with no excises

Alcohol: cheap and expensive. Andorra: 4.5% VAT with no excises

(prices updated 01.01.2020)

Andorra is not part of the European Union, therefore, the country’s trade policy is not affected by the strict European regulations of the alcohol market. In addition, Andorra today has the lowest VAT rate in Europe, which is fixed for …


Pamplona is not only the tourist city of Spain, famous for its Sant Fermí celebration, it is also the largest centre for biomedical research, says the mayor of the city Enrique Maya

Pamplona is the capital of the province of Navarra in northern Spain. The city is best known for her celebration of Sant Fermi (running of the bulls), widely celebrated in July. The city is also an important stop on the Camino de Santiago, a medieval pilgrimage route. The main foreign investor in Pamplona is the …


We should dedicate at least one hour a week to relaxation and self-care; getting a massage is very important for this, as it helps to control stress levels, said Jesus, Aranda, a professional massage therapist at Caldea

Jesus Aranda is a professional massage therapist from Catalonia. He came to Andorra in 2015, and prior to that he worked in a physiotherapy centre in Spain where he also gave physical training classes as he has a Degree in Physical Activity Sciences. He now works as a massage therapist in Caldea. He told us …

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Inspections of tourist accommodation for the year 2020 adjudicated

The Government has approved the inspections of tourist accommodations (HUT – habitatges d’ús turístic) for 2020. Pyrenees Inspection and Control Company was selected to carry out the controls, for a price of 18.70 euros for the first inspection and 11.90 euros for the second review visit, in case deficiencies were detected in the initial inspection.

The …