Renfe launches a new season of its luxury tourist trains

The luxury tourist trains marketed by Renfe start up again with the beginning of spring. The Al Andalus Train, the Transcantábrico Gran Lujo, the Costa Verde Express and the Expreso de la Robla that make up the catalogue of these services are luxury hotels that travel through extraordinary landscapes, allowing their passengers to enjoy a few days of rest, leisure, culture and exquisite gastronomy all combined, both on board and in the most prestigious restaurants en route.

The travel options in all luxury tourism train excursions and itineraries include on-board accommodation, with the trains stopping at night at a station on the route to ensure that passengers sleep well. Travel to locations at further distances from the train lines is by bus, with guides on hand, and with cuisine worthy of the most discerning passengers, whether served on board the trains, which are equipped with their own kitchens, or at the selected restaurants in a number of the cities visited along the way. The overall experience and the quality of the services provided has seen Renfe’s tourist trains become a global benchmark in the luxury trains sector.

The trains will have the new livery created by Renfe in 2023 for the Luxury Tourist Trains segment in order for passengers to perceive the brand as an exclusive product.

Of the total number of customers travelling on the Luxury Tourist trains marketed by Renfe, 32.4% are from Spain and 67.6% are international. 38.4% come from countries in Europe, particularly European Union countries. 15.8% of the passengers are North American, 8.4% come from South America, 4.2% from Oceania, 0.6% from Asia and 0.1% from Africa.

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