Amadeus acquires travel payments expert Voxel, a leading provider of electronic invoice

Today Amadeus IT Group announces the acquisition of Voxel, a leading provider of electronic invoice and B2B payment solutions for travel sellers, hotels, and other travel players. This will support Amadeus’ vision to deliver a smooth travel payment experience. It will also complement Amadeus’ payments business, Outpayce, by enhancing its existing travel sellers’ product suite, while expanding in the hospitality segment.

The addition of Voxel solutions to Amadeus’ existing offering means access to a wider range of payments services for travel sellers and a more automated electronic way to manage invoices for tour operators, TMCs, hotel aggregators, and hotels. The acquisition of Voxel will also help Amadeus better serve its corporate customers by further automating the business travel experience, from reservation and payments to expense management. Thanks to this integrated technology, Amadeus will continue to better connect the travel industry and reduce manual processes for a smooth experience.

Voxel is an e-invoicing and B2B electronic payments specialist. Voxel’s Bavel Platform orchestrates an end-to-end electronic payment process. 50,000+ hotels, 1,000+ tour operators and travel companies, and 3,000+ restaurants and franchises, across 100 countries, currently benefit from the platform. The platform is made up of Bavel Pay, Bavel Billing, and Bavel Procurement, and handles more than 100 million transactions per year.

Voxel, a privately-owned company, was founded in 1998, and is headquartered in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The acquisition, which is now closed, sees over 200 Voxel employees join Amadeus.

Amadeus IT Group, S.A is a major Spanish multinational technology company that provides software solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. It is the world’s leading provider of travel technology that focus on developing software for airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other travel-related businesses to enhance their operations and customer experiences.

Amadeus has central sites in Madrid, Spain (corporate headquarters and marketing), Sophia Antipolis, France (product development), London, UK (product development), Breda, Netherlands (development), Erding, Germany (Data center) and Bangalore, India (product development) as well as regional offices in Boston, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Miami, Istanbul, Singapore, and Sydney.

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