Srostki: native village-museum of Vasily Shukshin

Monument to Vasily Shukshin

Srostki (Russian: Сростки) is a village in the Biysk region of the Altai Krai of Russia. Located on the right bank of the Katun, southeast of Biysk. The Chuysky tract passes through the village.

Native house of Vasily Shukshin and his family


Founded in 1804. In 1924-1931 and 1944-1960 it was the center of the Srostinsky district. During the consolidation of villages in the 1950s, residents of the surrounding liquidated villages were resettled to Srostki.

House of Vasily Shukshin’s mother

In April 1933, OGPU officers arrested about 80 village residents (according to another version – 116 residents), they were transported to Barnaul, then shot by court verdict.

Traditional folklore

Among them was the father of the writer Vasily Shukshin, Makar, who was 21 years old. In 1956, all convicted Srostin residents were posthumously rehabilitated.

The house from which Makar Leontyevich Shukshin was taken away forever has not survived. In its place, in the 90s, another private house was built and on June 26, 2016, on the facade of this house, with the consent of its owners, a memorial plaque “Last address” of Makar Leontyevich Shukshin was installed.

Vasily Shukshin’s bedroom

An application for the installation was submitted by Russian opposition politician and public figure Vladimir Aleksandrovich Ryzhkov, who was born in the Altai Territory.

In modern times, the village of Srostki is a popular holiday destination for autotourists and passengers of intercity buses heading to the Altai Mountains. The food fair features souvenirs, products from local craftsmen, Altai honey, food and drinks.

Vasily Makarovich Shukshin (Russian: Василий Макарович Шукшин; 25 July 1929 – 2 October 1974) was a Soviet Russian writer, actor, screenwriter and film director from the Altai region who specialized in rural themes.

A prominent member of the Village Prose movement, he began writing short stories in his early teenage years and later transition to acting by his late 20s.

Vasily Shukshin’s school

Vasiliy Makarovich Shukshin was born on 25 July 1929 to a peasant family of assimilated Moksha Mordvin origin in the village of Srostki near Biysk in Siberian Krai, Soviet Union (now in Altai Krai, Russia). In 1933, his father, Makar Leontievich Shukshin, was arrested and executed on the charges of participating in an “anti-kolkhoz plot” during the Soviet collectivization. He was only rehabilitated 23 years later, in 1956.

Letters written by Vasily Shukshin

His mother, Maria Sergeyevna (Popova), had to look after the survival of the entire family. By 1943 Shukshin had finished seven years of village school and entered an automobile technical school in Biysk. In 1945, after two and a half years at the school, but before finishing, he quit to work in a kolkhoz.

What to see

  • Natal house of Shukshin
  • House of the mother of Shukshin
  • School Shukchin
  • Church Ekaterina Velikomuchenitsa

Fairs and festivals

How to get to?

From Barnaul: 2 h 30 min (200 km) by P-256

From Moscow: 51 h (3745 km) by М51/Р-254

Main information

GPS coordinates: 52°25’09.0″N 85°42’05.6″E

Population: 3 457

Language: Russian

Currency: Russian Roubles (₽)

Visa: Russian

Time: UTC+7 (MSK+4)

Postal code: 659375

Phone code: +7 3854

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