Barnaul railway station

Barnaul is a cargo and passenger station in the Altai Krai of the West Siberian Railway, located in the city of Barnaul, Altai Territory.

The building of the station in Barnaul was founded in April 1914 in connection with the construction of the Altai Railway. Its project was developed by Tomsk architect K.K. Lygin. By the end of June the stonework was completed, and on October 8, 1915, the first passenger train arrived. The grand opening of the Barnaul railway station took place on October 21, 1915; it officially opened on July 10, 1916, when they began accepting and distributing luggage, selling train tickets and receiving private telegrams.

By the early 1950s, the station no longer met the needs of the increased passenger traffic; in 1955, a decision was made to design a new station building next to it. It was built in 1958 according to a standard design developed by architect I. S. Pestryakov at the Kiev State Design and Survey Institute (according to other sources, the object was built in 1962 according to the design of architects L. Chuprin and T. Sidamonidze).

Main characteristics:

Opening date: October 21, 1915
Type: Freight, passenger
Number of platforms: 4
Number of paths: 22
Platform type: low
Platform shape: Island, side
AC: current, 25 kV
Location: pl. Pobeda, 10
Distance to Moscow: 3419 km

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