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It was a unique trip that has revolutionized the world of polar science by reaching the heart of Antarctica with an Aeolian vehicle, totally environmentally sustainable, said Spanish explorer, Manuel Olivera

A group of Spanish explorers and research assistants presented their film Antarctica Unexplored 2018-2019 at the Mountain and Travel Film festival in Andorra.  The expedition team included four people: the leader of the expedition Ramón Larramendi (one of the greatest polar explorers in the world; the protagonist of the Mapfre Circumpolar Expedition, which covered 14,000 …


I don’t think that a big international airport is what our country currently needs, says the ex-minister of tourism of Andorra, Consul of Canillo, Francesc Camp

Last year, the Andorran Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIS) actively lobbied the project for building an international airport in the Principality and even made an official presentation of this project with the participation of NAVBLUE experts (100% subsidiary of Airbus), which worked to “fit” the airport into the local landscape. This airport would help …

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Andorra starts a project aimed at reducing the plastic waste created in mountain ecosystems

The government of Andorra has approved a project aimed to reduce plastic waste created in mountain ecosystems, including mountain rivers.

The goal of the project is to prevent the accumulation of plastic waste in mountain ecosystems and their release into the sea.

The mission covers the Pyrenees of Catalonia, Andorra and France.

The project will assess the possible …

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A further increase in temperature on the planet could soon lead to a decrease in snowfall in Andorra, according to the participants of the Climate Change Challenges forum

The 18th Forum of the Representatives of Andorran Family Business Association (EFA) was held yesterday in Soldeu (Andorra). This year’s forum topic was Climate Change Problems. It is one of the most important topics on the United Nations agenda and the UN program until 2030.

The president of the association, Francesc Mora, declared that “climate change …