Kryukov Canal in St. Petersburg

Kryukov Canal is one of the canals in St. Petersburg.

The Kryukov Canal was dug from the Admiralteisky Canal in the area of ​​the current Labour Square to the Fontanka.

Initially dug in 1719-1720 from the Neva to the Moyka for transport purposes. Since 1738 – the modern name by the name of the contractor Semyon Kryukov. During the construction of the Annunciation Bridge, the part that passed through the current Labor Square was enclosed in a pipe, which has survived to this day.

Since 1830, the section from the Moyka to the Fontanka was also called the Kryukov Canal, which was also dug to create a water communication, but did not justify its purpose. Granite embankments were built in 1801-1807.

The length is 1.5 km, the width is up to 20 m, and the depth is 2 m. Together with the Admiralteisky Canal, the Kryukov Canal separates New Holland Island from the 2nd Admiralteisky Island.

Crosses Griboyedov Canal near Sadovaya street.

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