Novo-Konyushenny Bridge in St. Petersburg

Novo-Konyushenny Bridge is a road reinforced concrete frame bridge across the Griboedov Canal in the Central District of St. Petersburg, connecting the Kazansky and Spassky Islands.

It is located in the alignment of Tsaritsynsky passage, near the eastern part of Konyushennaya Square. Near the bridge are the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Savior on Spilled Blood), a complex of buildings of the Stable Department, Mikhailovsky Garden. Upstream is the Tripartite Bridge, below is the Italian Bridge. The nearest metro (600 m) is Gostiny Dvor station, exit to the Griboyedov Canal.

A wide wooden beam bridge was built on this site at the beginning of 1883 for the convenience of work on the construction of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. During the construction period, the width of the bridge was up to 115 m (for comparison, the widest bridge in St. Petersburg today, the Blue Bridge across the Moyka, has a width of 97.3 m).

The existing reinforced concrete bridge was built in 1967 according to the project of engineers Yu. L. Yurkov, L. N. Sobolev and architect L. A. Noskov. The graceful wrought-iron railing of the bridge, made in 1907 in the Art Nouveau style, was preserved and transferred to the new bridge.

The total length of the bridge is 21.1 m, the width is 35 m. The bridge is designed for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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