St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral in St. Petersburg

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral (Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Epiphany) – an Orthodox church in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg; the first naval cathedral, traditionally nourishing the sailors of the Russian fleet.

The cathedral is one of the brightest monuments of the Elizabethan Baroque in church architecture. The cathedral influenced the toponymy of the city: it gave its name to the square, lane, market, and Staro- and Novo-Nikolsky bridges, as well as the former name of Glinka Street.

The temple belongs to the St. Petersburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, is part of the Admiralty Deanery District.

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral consists of two separate churches. The Saint Nicholas Church is located at ground level, while the Epiphany Church is on the floor above. The altar of the upper church was consecrated in the presence of Catherine the Great. The main shrine of the cathedral—a Greek icon of St. Nicholas made in the 17th century with a portion of his relics—is located in the lower church.

In 1908 the Tsushima obelisk was erected in the garden in front of the church in memory of those killed at Battle of Tsushima. In 2000 another chapel was consecrated in the lower tier of the bell tower.

Stands on the intersection of Kryukov Canal, Sadovaya street and Griboyedov Canal.

Working hours: daily, 06:30–19:00.

Address: Nikolskaya Square, 1, bldg. 3, St. Petersburg.

Nearest metro: Sadovaya, Spasskaya, Sennaya Square.

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