Main streets and squares of Paris. TOP 30

Paris is known for the non-linearity of its street map, as it is a city that grew ‘naturally’ around roadways leading to suburban and more distant destinations. Centuries of this demographic growth created a city cramped, labyrinth-like and unsanitary, until a late 19th century urban renovation, overseen by Georges-Eugène Haussmann, resulted in the wide boulevards we see there today. This remained relatively unchanged until the 1970s, and the construction of cross-city and periphery expressways.

More recently, the city began renovations to prioritise public transport systems, and has created ‘purpose’ lanes dedicated to buses, taxis, and, more recently, cyclists, narrowing the passages reserved for automobiles and delivery vehicles. Although reducing traffic flow within the city itself, this traffic modification often results in traffic congestion at the capital’s gateway thoroughfares.

Main streets and squares of Paris, France (by arrondissement in alphabetical order)

1st arrondissement

Avenue de l’Opéra (partial)

Place André Malraux

Place Dauphine

Place des Pyramides

Place Vendôme

Rue de Rivoli (partial)

Rue Saint-Honoré (partial)

2nd arrondissement

Avenue de l’Opéra (partial)

Rue de la Paix

3rd arrondissement

Place des Vosges (partial)

Place de la République (partial)

4th arrondissement

Place de la Bastille (partial)

Place des Vosges (partial)

Rue de Rivoli (partial)

Rue Saint-Antoine

5th arrondissement

Boulevard Saint-Germain (partial)

Boulevard Saint-Michel (partial)

Place du Panthéon

Rue Claude-Bernard

Rue Mouffetard

6th arrondissement

Boulevard Raspail (partial)

Boulevard Saint-Germain (partial)

Boulevard Saint-Michel (partial)

Rue de Rennes

7th arrondissement


Boulevard des Invalides

Boulevard Saint-Germain (partial)

Boulevard Raspail (partial)]

Esplanade des Invalides

8th arrondissement

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Avenue George V

Avenue Marceau (partial)

Place de la Concorde (partial)

Rue Royale

Rue Saint-Honoré (partial)

Rue Saint-Lazare (partial)

9th arrondissement

Boulevard de Clichy (partial)

Rue Saint-Lazare (partial)

10th arrondissement

Place de la République (partial)

11th arrondissement

Place de la République (partial)

Place de la Bastille (partial)

12th arrondissement

Place de la Bastille

16th arrondissement

Avenue Foch

Avenue Marceau (partial)

Boulevard Lannes

Place d’Iéna

Place du Trocadéro-et-du-11-Novembre

18th arrondissement

Boulevard de Clichy

Rue de la Chapelle

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