The 12th arrondissement of Paris (12e arrondissement de Paris) is one of the 20 arrondissements of Paris (France). Situated on the right bank of the River Seine, it is the easternmost arrondissement of Paris, as well as the most expansive in terms of area covered.

Under the terms of article R2512-1 of the General Code of Local Authorities, it also bears the name “arrondissement of Reuilly”, but this name is rarely used in everyday life.

The 12th arrondissement comprises the Gare de Lyon and Bois de Vincennes. It borders the inner suburbs of Charenton-le-Pont and Saint-Mandé in Val-de-Marne.

It is the first arrondissement on the right bank of the Seine following the course of the river (with the 13th on the left bank).

Bordered to the north by the 11th and 20th arrondissements, to the west by the 4th arrondissement, to the south by the Seine and to the east by the municipalities of Saint-Mandé and Charenton-le-Pont, the territory of the 12th arrondissement includes also the Bois de Vincennes to the southeast.

Main sights

Lyon railway station

Bercy railway station

Viaduc des arts

Place de la Bastille

Pont de Bercy

Pont Charles-de-Gaulle

Viaduc d’Austerlitz

Pont d’Austerlitz

Bastille Opera House

Fortress of Bercy

Paris-Bercy sports center

Grand Palais Immersif digital art center

Public transport

Paris metro

(M) (1) (Bastille, Gare de Lyon, Nation, Reuilly – Diderot, Porte de Vincennes)
(M) (2) (Nation)
(M) (5) (Bastille, Quai de la Rapée)
(M) (6) (Bel-Air, Bercy, Daumesnil, Dugommier, Nation, Picpus)
(M) (8) (Bastille, Daumesnil, Faidherbe – Chaligny, Ledru-Rollin, Michel Bizot, Montgallet, Reuilly – Diderot, Porte de Charenton, Porte Dorée)
(M) (9) (Nation)
(M) (14) (Bercy, Cour Saint-Émilion, Gare de Lyon)

RER / Transilien

(RER) (A) (Gare de Lyon and Nation),
(RER) (D) (Gare de Lyon),
Transilien: Line R of the Transilien (Gare de Lyon).

Main facts

Area 16.32 km2 (6.30 sq mi)
Population (January 2020) 140,311
Density 8,597/km2 (22,270/sq mi)
INSEE code 75112

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