Rue Mouffetard is a pedestrian street in the 5th arrondissement of Paris (France).

Rue Mouffetard is one of Paris’s oldest and liveliest neighbourhoods. These days the area has many restaurants, shops, and cafés, and a regular open market. It is centered on the Place de la Contrescarpe, at the junction of the rue Mouffetard and the rue de Lacepede.

Its southern terminus is at the Square Saint-Médard with the Saint-Médard church where there is a permanent open-air market. At its northern terminus, it becomes the rue Descartes at the crossing of the rue Thouin. It is closed to normal motor traffic much of the week, and is predominantly a pedestrian avenue.

Rue Mouffetard is part of a road which would have been created under the Late Empire to directly connect the bridge of the Île de la Cité (Petit-Pont) to the necropolis which developed on the site of the future Faubourg Saint -Marcel.

Main sights

No. 6: sign of a former butcher’s shop listed in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments.

No. 14: sign of the former Au Nègre Joyous coffee shop, removed after a controversy during the summer of 2018.

No. 36: house which served as barracks for a company of French Guards riflemen from 1714.

No. 52: The left side of the entrance corridor is paved with old tombstones.

No. 60: The Pot-de-Fer fountain located at this number, at the corner of Rue du Pot-de-Fer. Originally supplied (1624) by the Arcueil aqueduct, the current building dates from the 18th century. Since 1925 it has been classified as a historic monument. It was rebuilt in 1671.

No. 61: Monge barracks of the Republican Guard.

No. 73: the Mouffetard theater.

Nos 74-76: Mohammed-Arkoun municipal library-discotheque.

No. 81: remains of the portal of a chapel from the beginning of the 17th century.

No. 115: here in the 14th century was the alley entrance to the House of the Patriarchs.

No. 140: under the attic, Jean Grave led the editorial staff of Les Temps nouvelles (1895-1914).

No. 141: the Saint-Médard church dating from the 15th century, classified as a historic monument since 1906.

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