The 4th arrondissement is located on the right bank of the Seine in Paris (France). It is bordered to the west by the 1st arrondissement, to the north by the 3rd arrondissement, to the east by the 11th and 12th arrondissements and to the south by the Seine and the 5th arrondissement. The eastern part of Île de la Cité as well as Île Saint-Louis are also part of the 4th arrondissement.

Under the terms of article R2512-1 of the general code of local authorities (regulatory part), it also bears the name “arrondissement de l’Hôtel-de-Ville”, but this name is rarely used in everyday life .

The law of February 28, 2017 on the status of Paris and metropolitan planning provides for the regrouping of the councils and services of the 5 central districts after the municipal elections of 2020. This new entity takes the name of Paris Center.

With a land area of 1.601 km2 (0.618 sq.miles, or 396 acres), the 4th arrondissement is the third smallest arrondissement in the city.

Main sights

BHV Marais department store

Centre Georges Pompidou

Charlemagne and His Guards monument

Hôtel de Ville

Île de la Cité (partial)

Île Saint-Louis

Notre-Dame de Paris

Saint-Jacques Tower

Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church

Main streets and squares

Place de la Bastille (partial)

Place des Vosges (partial)

Rue de Rivoli (partial)

Rue Saint-Antoine



Pont au Change

Pont au Double

Pont d’Arcole

Pont de Sully

Pont Louis-Philippe

Pont Marie

Pont Notre-Dame

Pont Saint-Louis


Paris Metro and RER

(M) (1) (Châtelet, Hôtel de Ville, Saint-Paul and Bastille)
(M) (4) (Châtelet and Cité)
(M) (5) (Bastille, Quai de la Râpée)
(M) (7) (Châtelet, Pont Marie and Sully – Morland)
(M) (8) (Bastille)
(M) (11) (Châtelet, Hôtel de Ville and Rambuteau)
(M) (14) (Châtelet)
(RER) (A) (B) (D) (Châtelet – les Halles)
(RER) (B) (C) (St-Michel)

The 4th arrondissement is also served by the following RATP bus lines:

(BUS) RATP 21, 27, 29, 38, 47, 58, 67, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 85, 86, 87, 91, 96.

Main facts

  • Area: 1.60 km2 (0.62 sq mi)
  • Population: (Jan. 2020) 29,064
  • Density: 18,165/km2 (47,050/sq mi)
  • INSEE code: 75104

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