The rue Royale is a short (282 m) street in Paris (France), running between the Place de la Concorde and the Place de la Madeleine (site of the Church of the Madeleine). The rue Royale is in the city’s 8th arrondissement.

This site is served, at its northern end, by lines (M) (8) (12) (14) at Madeleine station and, at its southern end, by lines (BUS) RATP 42, 45, 52, 84, 94, ( M) (1) (8) (12) at Concorde station, as well as by RATP bus line 42, 45, 54, 73, 84, 94.

This street replaced the Porte Saint-Honoré, which was at the corner of the Rue Saint-Honoré, built under Louis XIII and destroyed in 1733 and the rampart which extended to the Tuileries garden. It was executed under the letters patent of June 21, 1737. The king ordered “that the facades of the buildings to be erected in the new street would be established according to a uniform architecture”.

Among the well-known addresses on this street is that of Maxim’s restaurant, at number 3.

On 12 August 1843, the rue Royale was the scene for a bizarre phenomenon, when tens of thousands of butterflies landed, causing chaos and swarming the shops and restaurants. The pillars of the Madeleine were, reportedly, “covered”.

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