The Boulevard de Clichy is a famous street of Paris (France), near Montmartre, which lends its name to the Place de Clichy, resulted from the fusion, in 1864, of the roads that paralleled the Wall of the Farmers-General, both inside and out. It extends from the Place de Clichy to the Rue des Martyrs, nearly a kilometre away.

During its tenure, the street has been known as the Boulevard des Martyrs, then the Boulevard Pigalle, and, finally, the Boulevard de Clichy. It is equally well known as the Boulevard Clichy. Boulevard de Clichy is a road between the 9th and 18th arrondissement of Paris.

Boulevard de Clichy is located near the Paris Metro stations Place de Clichy, Blanche, and Pigalle, served by the 2, 12, and 13 lines.

Main attractions

No. 82: Beginning in 1889, this is where the Moulin-Rouge (Red Mill), the home of the Can-can, opened its doors. It was founded by Joseph Oller.

A Monument to Charles Fourier, created by Émile Derré, inspired by the portrait painted in 1835 by Jean Gigoux, was inaugurated in June 1899 thanks to the cooperative movement of Jean-Adolphe Alhaiza. He is represented seated, “his attitude and his physiognomy give the impression of great meditative power”.

François Marie Charles Fourier was a French philosopher, an influential early socialist thinker, and one of the founders of utopian socialism. Some of his views, held to be radical in his lifetime, have become mainstream in modern society. For instance, Fourier is credited with having originated the word feminism in 1837.

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