#35 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Thursday, 16th April, 2020

472 active cases at present (1 more than yesterday which was 3 more than the day before), of which 9 are new cases (which means that 8 of the active cases from yesterday have now recovered – see below).
43 people in hospital (two more than yesterday) 25 on the wards, 18 in the ICU, both 1 more than yesterday (14 with mechanical ventilation)
429 cases isolated at home – 1 less than yesterday.
12 cases from special services – 2 less than yesterday
61 cases from healthcare worker – 4 less than yesterday
177 have recovered – 8 more than yesterday.
33 deceased in total – the same as yesterday
682 Accumulated Positives – 9 more than yesterday


Outdoor exercise: Rules and schedules

• Distance: No more than 2 km away from home (Departure only on foot, not by car bicycle, scooter, skate board or the like).
• Social distance: maintain a minimum distance of 4 meters with respect to other people. (You can only group with the people you live with, not other relatives or friends.)
• Masks are to be worn and wash your hands before and after taking exercise.
• Duration: 1 hour on alternate days. (Remember, on odd days such as today, 17th April, those who live in odd numbered buildings or in houses with names starting with N – Z (that’s me as I live in Xalet…) can go out. On even dates such as tomorrow, 18th April, residents from even numbered buildings, or from houses with names starting with A – M, can go out.
Type of exercise and when:
6-9h Physical exercise (running or walking fast) includes people over 70 who did this activity before confinement.
9-11h Walking or shopping (Seniors or vulnerable people can continue shopping
between 9-10h in the hours reserved for this group)
11-14h Over 70s or vulnerable people.
14-19h Walking or shopping
19-21h Physical exercise (running or walking fast) includes people over 70 years of age who did this activity before confinement
• You can only go out once a day. If you go out running you cannot also go out with the family you are living with.
• Between people who are living together there is no need to keep a distance when walking.
• It is not yet clear whether this will be a seasonal virus or not, whether or not the incidence will decrease in summer. A massive study of its evolution will be of great help.
• Confinement will not end in the next 15 days, though there will be some exceptions but these do not mean that the confinement is over.
• We will gradually find the social distance that must be maintained over the coming months. It will depend on the evolution of the curve and the data produced by Actua’s Bigdata.
• In the coming week it will be possible to start some economic activity, at the moment we are working on the criteria and the procedures.

Screening of the population will start on Wednesday or Thursday of next week using a system that has proved successful in South Korea.
• From today, on the web coronavirus.govern.ad, there will be a section allowing people to register to reserve a day and time for carrying out their test. (Not there yet.)
• The appointments will be given by unit of coexistence. These families or flat mates will travel to the test sites together in the same vehicle. For those in towns and villages there will be test stations within walking distance. Those with problems of mobility will be tested at home.
• The purpose is to test the entire population, including children (from 2 years old). There will be no prioritizing, the antibody study will be general.
• These quick tests can confirm in 15 minutes if you have the antibodies. We will not learn the exact degree of immunity but will determine if the person has antibodies. Reliability for this antibody detection is 95%.
• 312 volunteers have already registered at coronavirus.govern.ad to assist in population screening. (This requires a medical qualification.)



Following the first package of measures:

• FEDA grants: 3,007 companies or self-employed have requested a reduction in their bills. 77% have requested a total exemption and the rest will benefit from an 80% reduction. The other private distributors are also giving the same discounts. 46 companies have asked to divide the receipts and 400 have requested the deferral of their bills.
• These grants amount to € 2.4 million provided by FEDA plus those provided by private distributors.
• Andorra Telecom grants: 6,019 applications. 90% of customers have applied for a total grant and 10% have requested a 80% discount on their invoices. This amounts to 885,000 euros. In addition, Andorra Telecom has participated in the connectivity of students in order to keep up with their school activities.
• CASS Contribution: 1,024 applications have been received to reduce the contribution of the self-employed to the levels of those on minimum wages. 2,424 self-employed have requested the total suspension of their listing. Finally, 2,583 companies have benefited from the Government subsidy of 15.5% of the lost funds of the employer:
• Soft loans: 1,422 applications have been submitted for a total of 385 million euros. There have been 772 resolutions of which 670 have been estimated and 102 denied. In terms of operating expenses, of € 142 million requested, € 56 million have been awarded. With regard to the debt refinancing of companies, of € 45 million requested, 2.3 million has been granted.
Mobility data: Internal traffic data were not affected despite the activation of the exit protocol.
• Internal traffic: – 78% of pre virus levels.
• Hispano-Andorran cross-border traffic: – 91%.
• Franco-Andorran cross-border: – 98 %
• The BigData Actua Project has so far been a tool used to monitor tourism in the principality. It is now intended to use this tool to monitor the internal mobility of citizens. It will be used on an aggregate and confidential basis, as an indicator of the degree to which recommendations are being followed.

There have been no recent reports but the text messaging to 828 with the message Ajuda is still sending 2€ per message from your telecom account to the special Covid-19 account to help cover the government’s healthcare expenses. In recent days this simple system has been raising around 40,000€ a day.

• A message for the children of #Pasdelacasa: today from 11h we will come to greet you and congratulate you on the effort you are making during confinement. Thank you very much and remember #quedeuvosacasa #encamp #pasdelacasa # covid19
• Families: today at 12h in Ordino and Seguidet and at 18h between Sornàs and el Serrat there will be a parade with Daisy and Donald to thank the children for staying home.
• Good morning! Today we are launching the #AndorraSantJordiaacasa initiative where the libraries of the country will be sharing small video clips with snippets of the latest editorial news from Andorra and from here. Start the # EvaGironès reading #AlbertRossaNaudi and @anemeditors
• Boys and girls! You have been truly brave in collaborating in this collective struggle! How good you can now go out for a while. Thank you very much for your efforts, champions!
• We cut off the water from the fountains in the parish to prevent contagion. #responsibility #quedaracasa.
• Today we are sharing in the initiative that has been introduced by the University Communal Library. #AndorraSantJordiacasa. (See above La Massana) Start the # EvaGironès reading #AlbertRossaNaudi and @anemeditors
• To help create routines, in #EscaldesEngordany we have painted clear horizontal signs, in the streets to indicate the correct pedestrian traffic flow on the righthand pavement. And a ❌ In red, to indicate the INCORRECT circulation on the lefthand sidewalk.

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