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From 1st July, before going to see a medical consultant in Andorra, patients must visit their GP

From 1st July, before going to see a medical consultant in Andorra, patients must visit their GP, (or referring doctor), so that he/she can make the relevant referral. Accordingly, patients will need to pay twice.

This decision has been made by the government of Andorra.

Gynecologists, ophthalmologists and dentists are excluded from the list of these specialties, …

Modern science and engineering with Ivan Stepanyan

Thermography – the future of the medicine, Roman Garskov believes

Roman Valeryevich Garskov—Business Development Director, Institute of Integrative Thermography LLC.

Thermal imagers are passive-type optical-electronic devices and they provide the ability to observe slightly heated objects by their thermal radiation in the infrared spectrum by converting radiation invisible to the human eye into an electrical signal that is amplified and automatically processed, and then it is …

What to do today? Cultural events in Andorra with Clare Allcard

LATEST REGULATIONS AND EVENTS as of Friday 13th March, 2020

LATEST REGULATIONS AND EVENTS as of Friday 13th March, 2020:

•Those at home from school are requested not to meet up in informal groups.

•Food shops, pharmacies, petrol stations and banks are allowed to be open.

•Almost allother commercial activity to cease for at least the next 15 days.

•Cafés, restaurants, club houses, leisure centres etc are all closed.

•Concerts, …

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Andorra and Spain reviewed the bilateral health agreements

Andorran Health Minister, Joan Martínez Benazet, and his Spanish counterpart, Salvador Illa, met on Wednesday to discuss the collaboration agreements between the two countries in the field of health. The two politicians have expressed their desire to take these agreements further, including the possibility that the Hospital de Nuestra Señora de Meritxell could become a …

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Andorran government updates protocols against coronavirus

The Ministry of Health recommends that anyone who has recently visited the areas most affected by this illness should contact a health facility for medical examination.

The Andorran ministry of health said on Tuesday that it is continuously adapting its action protocol in case of coronavirus infection in Andorra, in accordance with protocols established by the …

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The first case of coronavirus infection confirmed in Barcelona

Today, the Catalan Ministry of Health confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Catalonia. A 36-year-old woman of Italian nationality, a resident of Barcelona, is infected. A few days ago, she visited northern Italy, the area between Bergamo and Milan. When she returned to Catalonia, she went to a clinic with mild symptoms of malaise. …

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The Bone Marrow Donation Program will go live on March 16th

The Ministry of Health presented the Bone Marrow Donation Program on Tuesday. The program will launch on March 16th, and will allow, for the first time, residents of the Principality to become donors and to register in the bone marrow donor register (REDMO) that is part of the international donors’ network. Therefore, it would be …