#33 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Tuesday, 14th April, 2020


468 active cases (10 less than yesterday.)

47 are in hospital, 30 on the wards and 17 in the ICU (two more than yesterday, 14 with mechanical ventilation, one from La Seu d’Urgell)

421 cases are isolated at home.

64 health workers are positive

14 special services are positive

44 positive cases at El Cedre special care unit (18 of them from La Salita).

160 have recovered:

The country’s accumulated cases has reached 659 with

31 fatalities – 2 more than yesterday.


· Health Minister: Joan Martínez Benazet (isolated at home, recovering from covid-19, BUT with a first negative antigen test, and waiting for the second test.) With him yesterday was Head of Area for Health Promotion, Prevention and Surveillance: Rosa Vidal

· Rosa Vidal presented the official charts showing that we are on the right track as the number of active cases stabilizes. There are new cases, but their numbers are decreasing while the number of recoveries is increasing. The healthcare system is not overburdened.

· The distribution of cases by age and sex indicates that the highest number of cases lie between the ages of 30 and 50, while the most severe cases are in elderly people.

· Our situation is undoubtedly different to other counties as 8 million tourists visit us each year, affecting the evolution of the epidemic here.

· We have not had any major peaks and this is the main success of Andorra’s strategy. With regard to the lethal percentages of the disease, we are close to 4% as are Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark. The lethality is very high when a health system collapses.

· Leaving home for sunshine and exercise begins tomorrow! (There will be more information at the next update. But here is the beginning.)

· Wear a Mask. Use the stairs not a lift. Wash your hands before and after.

· Go out singly or as a family. Never more than 5 people at a time.

· Either walk or run. NO bicycles are allowed

· Exercise for a maximum of 2km from home.

· The rules are designed to have only half the population out each day. There are days and time slots for each person. They are as follows:

· DAY RULES You can go out for an hour every other day.

· EVEN DAYS residents can go out from Even numbered buildings OR from houses named from A –M .

· ODD DAYS are for those who live in Odd numbered buildings OR from houses named from N – Z.

· TIMING The streets and roads are for the over 70s from 12h – 14h

· Everyone else can go out from: 6h – 9h or 19h – 21h but for one hour only.

· Self-responsibility will be essential for this to work. If the behaviour is good, a second phase will be launched that will allow everyone to go out every day.

· Population screening for antibodies to Covid-19 will be in two phases: Phase 1: Beginning at the end of next week, the testing will show how many people have already had the virus, how many have antibodies and which ones are still vulnerable

· Phase 2: 15 days later: we will be able to assess the evolution of the contagion giving a basic tool for managing the epidemic.

· Volunteers wishing to collaborate in this population screening will be able to register on the website http://coronavirus.govern.ad from tonight.

· Covid-19 is a long disease, which usually takes 18-22 days to overcome.



· The Second Omnibus Law: Yesterday Minister Gallardo explained the measures proposed for companies and freelancers (21 measures for freelancers and 11 for companies).

· Suspension of the CASS contribution in the event of cessation of activity. Reduction of the contribution to a minimum wage in case of continuing activity.

· For those isolated due to having the virus or who have been in contact with it: 100% of the salary will be paid to those in the health sector and 66% for those in other sectors.

· Deferrals, payments by instalments and discounts at FEDA distributors and Andorra Telecom.

· Deferment of taxes, fees, tax debts and penalties.

· Soft loan at 0% interest.

· Exemption from the employer part of the CASS for those who have left work.

· Payment on account of the IS and IRPF (20% of the previous year).

New measures:

· Benefit equivalent to the minimum wage (1,083 euros) in the event of cessation of activity.

· Provision for the restart of the activity of 541.5 euros.

· Possibility of mixed income.

· Government will assume 10% CASS Employers of the general branch.

· Lack of mortgage payment if basic expenses exceed 35% of income.

· 20% discount on the rent of private home.

· Discount on commercial rentals during the cessation of activity and later

· Rescue of pension plans (maximum 1,083 euros).

· € 100 Million more for soft loans.

· Hourly compensation system (provided by companies that do not have the need to suspend contracts).

· Temporary suspension of contracts.

· Reduction of working hours.

· Traffic:

Internal mobility 75% less than during a normal period.

Hispanic-Andorran border 88% less.

Franco-Andorran border 97% less

· Job register: 533 people, 39 with permanent contracts.

· Education system: Although France may resume school activities on 11th May our healthcare decisions prevail over academic decisions.

· Soft Credits: 3,300 applications submitted, of which more than 600 have been resolved


· With the banks shut over the holidays nonetheless the SMS 828 +Ajuda raised 50,000 euros.



· Are you ready for today’s session? #fitnesslive #encamp #passdelacasa #circuittrainning


· It was clear to us that in June a World Cup was completely unfeasible given the current context. In the short term, this was not feasible either, which is why we look forward to moving it to 2021.


· Pre-registration for Esplai for the year 2020-2021 has been expanded until 30th April and can be made by email.


· Families: Don’t miss the storytelling session by Vanessa Silva. Easter bibliobooks adapted to the #confinament. At 17h on @santjulia instagram.

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