#25 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 20h on Monday, 6th April, 2020


474 Active cases (17 more than yesterday which was 29 more than the day before.) 55 cases in hospital: 38 on the wards and 17 in ICU (14 with mechanical ventilation.)

419 cases at home.

17 Special workers are positive

91 Health workers are positive (both the last two are the same as yesterday.)

40 have been discharged and another 31 recovered at home.

21 fatalities in total (3 more since the last update).


· The Health Minister, Joan Martínez Benazet (isolated at home with mild covid-19 symptoms) reported that, as he had said yesterday, the pressure on the ICU has diminished, thanks to the supportive behaviour of the general public. No patient had been admitted to the ICU in the past 24 hours and this allowed everyone to be calmer. Remember that we must continue to follow the confinement measures.

· He stated that health resources have not been exhausted and, therefore, the triage preference document, designed by the bioethics committee in the event of a collapse, has not had to be used. Mechanical ventilation is guaranteed for everyone.

· Important aspects of El Cedre retired people’s home: El Cedre has been reorganized in such a way that the sick are completely isolated from the healthy residents. All access is blocked and Covid-19 staff and supply circuits are well differentiated.

· Masks: The Minister said that we have enough masks for the entire population but they must be distributed progressively. They can be bought, two per person, and they will be very economical. He has specified that people who need them by medical prescription can get them at pharmacies, and it is the health authorities who will provide them. (I presume this means the elderly and vulnerable and that they no longer need a prescription? C.A.) For companies of essential activity, they must continue to go to the usual channels (telephone 180 Punt Empresa, email [email protected]). The rest of the citizenry can ask for face protectors made at [email protected]

· More on Masks. Benazet said Let’s clear up the doubts. Masks will have to be used more and more. But there is no urgency about this recommendation, and no need for panic buying as there are enough for the entire population.

· Until now, masks were given for use to the the groups that justified extreme measures, such as the elderly, people with asthma or those with serious health problems. Each pharmacy distributed 4 per person, writing down the names of the recipients. Also, the company that started making homemade masks, were used by other groups of essential workers and these masks did not reach the pharmacies. From tomday onwards, more than 60,000 masks will be available at pharmacies (each will have about 1,000) and each person will be able to pick up 2 masks. As these are for general use, unlike the previous ones that were for people at risk and front line personnel such as shop assistants, the new ones for the general public will not be free and will cost € 0.90 per mask.

· There are also more than 8,500 masks which will continue to be available to the essential services that can be requested at 180 or [email protected].

· Also, thanks to the French Co-Prince, two sets of materials have been received through Foix, 3,800 FFP2 masks (The ones with special filters in them for healthcare

staff and the like C.A.) and 16,350 surgical masks. Another donation has been received from a Chinese company, in close collaboration with an Andorran company. An Andorran company has brought, via Luxembourg, a donation of 150,000 surgical masks and more than 150 protective suits.

· On World Physical Activity Day, Benazet has recommended that people do daily exercise, but responsibly and at home.

· Benazet said that it would not be known how many people are sick until the mass population tests. It is not known if the acquired immunity will serve “a little, a lot or nothing” in case of another outbreak. He also said that there maybe some minimal steps that can be taken before testing the whole population, but they will be very cautious when opening up the different sectors. This week is very important. We have to see if we can flatten the curve of new cases.

· The Internet breakdown yesterday made it impossible to prepare the epidemiologist’s appearance to explain this epidemic curves. It was postponed until today.



· With regard to the Andorran social security aid provided by the Omnibus Law, yesterday the forms were available on the CASS website and 192 applications were received. For the self-employed, who could apply for suspension of contributions, 509 people have signed up. 392 suspended companies have joined another important part of the law: to suspend their part of the contributions to the employees CASS.

· Up till now, 1,286 applications have been received to cover companies’ operating and refinancing costs. The resolution process is being accelerated and 150 applications have already been inspected, of which 130 have been fully or partially accepted and 20 rejected. 11% was granted for refinancing.

· Mobility: More police patrols were out at the weekend to ensure that the population followed the rules of only going out in case of necessity. A decrease was observed in the traffic, so it was decided not to bring into force the State of Alert. But we must continue to reduce traffic. This weekend there was an internal average of -84%, at the Franco-Andorran border -99% and at the Hispano-Andorran border, -97%.


· Solidarity funds: now stands at 1.4 million euros. At SMS 828, more than 21,700 messages were received with the text “Ajuda”, representing more than 43,000 euros.The Associació de Gent Gran (Senior Citizens’ Association) have donated 500 euros, the Arques d’Andorra (Archers of Andorra) 1,000 euros and the Jugadors Sèniors (Senior Players) of the VPC 7, 1,500 euros. (Why not send several SMS 828 messages each time you receive the Update? Once you’ve tapped in one message – worth 2€ – you simply have to type in Ajuda and Send again to repeat the donation. C.A.)



· If you belong to a vulnerable group or you know someone who is in this situation and needs support for the basic, every day tasks, please contact your Community support services on 323 620.


· Until 15th April. Tell us your confinement story at #ordinoesviu with photos tagged #ordinoesquedaacasa # covid19 #quedatacasa


· Telephone support numbers for all the Comuns: Canillo: 375198, Encamp: 323 620, Ordino: 350 502, La Massana: 736 923, Andorra la Vella: 730 000, Sant Julià: 322 623, Escaldes-Engordany: 890 890 or 167


· Families! Here is a compilation of songs made by kindergartens so you never have to stop singing and dancing with your children! And we have opened an Instagram channel (@infancia_alv) with activities for children!

· While @AndorraTelecom restores the internet service, go to the window and breathe fresh air. Disconnect a little from the networks. A good book and coffee do not need wifi.


· @Creuroja is doing a commendable job of helping all those affected by the # COVID19. If you need support for the purchase of food or medicines, feel free to contact 880 393. It applies to the entire population # EntreTotsSumem #creuroja

· You need ideas for things to make with your children? The Art School and the Nursery School propose activities every day from their Instagram channels @escoladartsantjuliadeloria and @escolabressolespill Follow them !


· We urge dog owners to adhere to the basic rules of hygiene, civility and respect for the rest of the citizens. Collect your dog’s poop, both on the road and from the pipi-can.


Yes, I decided yesterday that I would introduce a new schedule for the Updates. Nothing is urgent any more so no one needs to read this over breakfast and, this way, I get a proper night’s sleep :))

A group of us are about to inaugurate a homespun, weekly, online magazine, Andorra’s Village Pump, where we hope at least half the content will come from our readers. We plan to have sections like: Arts and Crafts* Short Stories*, Poets’ Corner* Puzzle Page, Kids’ Corner, Exchange and Mart* and, the latest addition, The World and Andorra in Times of Coronavirus by an international journalist who has interviewed the likes of Bill Clinton.
* indicates the sections that welcome reader input, often to a theme set by the section organiser. So hold back till you get your first copy.

If you receive these Updates from the Club and you think you might like to receive the magazine too please email me to let me know and I will put you on my mailing list. You can always unsubscribe.

So, have a good day. The Health Minister is sounding optimistic, so make sure you stay positive too. Most important for your health .

Culturally yours,



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