PICK OF THE WEEK: Monday, 20th May – Sunday, 26th May, 2019

PICK OF THE WEEK: Monday, 20th May – Sunday, 26th May, 2019


v Friday, 24th May at 20h at the cafè teatre La Fada Ignorant, Andorra la Vella. Concerts at la Fada: Sylvia Patricia and Daniel Cros.

v Friday, 24th May at 21.30h at the Hard Rock Café, Andorra la Vella. Concerts at the Hard Rock Café: Four Flags.

Organised by the Nu Nu Audiovisual Festival of Andorra (see also FESTIVALS below.)

v Saturday, 25th May at 20h at the Gardens of Casa de la Vall, Andorra la Vella. (Free) Concert Cauto + Anton Babinski. Pau Encinas Laffitte, also known as Cauto, was raised by musicians in the wild and now combines the tranquillity of the countryside with the frantic rhythm of the cities. His personal development has been marked by contrasts, and this is reflected in his music, in which we find atmospheres of complex intensity loaded with euphoric echoes. His live performance will be accompanied by the visual spectacle of the artist, Anton Babinski.

v Saturday, 25th May at 22h at the Gardens Casa de la Vall, Andorra la Vella. (Free) Concert Nightcrawler. His music is inspired by the sounds of the horror bands of the 80s and science-fiction films, combining them with electronic rhythms and dark atmospheres. His live performances have been seen in cities such as London, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest, and at festivals such as the Eufonic and Primavera Sound 2018.

v Sunday, 26th May at 12h in the Gardens Casa de la Vall, Andorra la Vella. (Free) Concert with Duo de Cine – Tastes of big soundtracks. Duo de cine wants to offer a taste of the great soundtracks. With Àlex Arajol on violin and Míriam Manubens on piano, we will travel through the films we have remembered with our eyes. They will put sound and music to this collection of images, recording the great moments that are still alive. From the great classics of the genre to the most spectacular melodies of today, they present some works that remind us of unforgettable moments on the big screen and our collective imagination including: Life is beautiful – Piovani; Schindlers List – Williams; Moon River ( Breakfast at Tiffany’s ) – Mancini; Hungarian Dance no. 5 (The Great Dictator ) – Brahms; The Entertainer ( The Sting ) – Joplin; The piano – Nyman; You’ve got a friend in me ( Toy Story) – Newman; Ària de la Suite no. 3 – Bach; West Side Story – Bernstein; He’s a Pirate ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) – Zimmer; Another Day of Sun ( La Land ) – Hurwitz.


v Thursday, 23rd May at 20h at the Cinemes Illa Carlemany, Escaldes-Engordany. Streaming live from La Salle Richelieu, Paris by the Comédie Française: Électre/Oreste (in French) Directed by Ivo van Hove. In this production Hove combines two Euripides plays

that tell the story of Electra and Orestes, or how a brother and a sister meet and unite in revenge.

v Don’t forget that, if you can understand Catalan, there is an excellent Theatre Season to be found at https://www.agenda.ad/activitats/teatre-i-dansa



From Wednesday 22nd – Sunday, 26th May

In various areas of Andorra la Vella,

(See also above for the musical part of the festival.)

Ull-Nu is a space to encourage, disseminate and fertilize young creativity, art, culture and talent. It is a meeting point for exchange and dialogue between young creators from all over the Pyrenees and professionals from the cinematographic and audio-visual industry. It is a proposal of alternative, original and innovative leisure that is committed to promoting and bringing to Andorra new projects and audio-visual tendencies. It is a unique experience, a festival of cinema and audio-visual.



v Saturday, 25th May from 17h – 20h at FNAC in the basement of the Pyrénées Department store, Andorra la Vella. (Free) Facemapping Superheroes: Become your favourite superhero or superheroine at the hands of Alca Films and its spectacular Facemapping project. An original and amazing idea designed for all audiences.

v Saturday, 25th May from 21h – Midnight at the Plaça del Consell, Casa de la Vall. (Free) Mapping: Handmade stuffing with an on site performance by Carrie on Art at 21:30h. Children and adults can paint the facade of the Casa de la Vall with colour and imagination thanks to this spectacular mapping done live. We can also enjoy the intervention of the artist Carrie, who will create an illustration on site. This activity is part of the year-long celebration of the 600th anniversary of Andorra’s Earth Council, ancestor of our present Consell General and one of the oldest parliamentary systems in Europe.


From 21h – Midnight in the Centre Historic of Andorra la Vella. (Free)

Rambla Molines, 20 meters in length and 3.5 meters in height, this large format installation, with 7,200 LED lights synchronized with music, allows the public to cross it and discover a surprising immersive experience.

Fuga in the Cap del Carrer An installation that has a system of physical interaction based on a set of tiles that activate different sounds and images projected in six superimposed tiles. This large format “keyboard” is played groupwise. The degree of coordination between the different “performers” of this instrument will generate more or less melodic, rhythmic and geometrical responses. The Installation was created by students of EINA (University Center of Design and Art of Barcelona).

Rythmus by Chevalvert in the Plaça Guillemó. An installation that makes visible a vital and intimate phenomenon: heartbeats. To do this, light cycles are deployed and they evolve according to the concordances and differences in the heart rhythms of two users who face each other.

Mapping done by hand by Playmodes in the Plaça del Consell (Casa de la Vall)

CHILDREN (In Catalan)

v Sunday, 26 May at 11h in the Communal Theatre, Andorra La Vella. (Free. For children aged 3 – 7. Animation, 60 minutes long) Children’s session: “ZOG, DRACS i HEROÏNES (Zog, Dragons and Heroines. Zog is a dragon who goes to school to learn how to fly, breathe out fire and carry off princesses. It does not work out well, but he overcomes obstacles thanks to the friendship of a princess who helps him and makes him understand that he does not have to be what the world wants him to be. The main story is accompanied by four short films starring courageous and imaginative girls.


v From Wednesday 22nd to Saturday, 25th May at the Pilar Riberaygua Gallery, Centre Historic. (Free) Audiovisual Format. As with everything, someone must be the first! The emblematic Pilar Riberaygua Gallery hosts an exhibition that pays tribute to several artists who have contributed in some way to the appearance and evolution of video art, proposing works that avoid conventionalism. The public will be able to see some of the most representative (pioneer) works of Spain, France and Andorra.

Special attention will be given to the figure of Pep Aguareles (1965-2019), a photographer and an Andorran visual artist who chose the audio-visual as a means of expressing his various purposes. You can also see “Prima Materia” by the artist Federico Guardabrazo, a piece in line with the new multimedia art that reflects the relationship with technology and how its growing complexity leaves us ignorant of its operating mechanisms. In the showcase of the gallery you will find a programmed luminous sign, created specifically by Lumen Lab Studio for the Nu Eye Festival. Inauguration: Wednesday, 22nd May at 19:30h. Opening Hours: Thursdays and Fridays from 18h – 20h. Saturday from 18h – Midnight.


v Thursday, 23rd May at 19:30h at the Art Hotel, Andorra la Vella. (Free) Tourism and Cinema: A combination for Success with Andorra still a set under construction. (Presumably in Catalan but just might be in Spanish for further outreach C.A.) Speakers: Dr. Eugè Osácar (Research Director of CETT-UB) and Edu Ruano (Producer of Independent Club). Film tourism has been one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in the last 10 years. 80 million tourists choose their destination after seeing a location appearing in a film or in a series.

Corners of Andorra such as the Coll d’Ordino, La Rabassa or the Arcalís highway have served as a backdrop for productions such as Black Snow , Félix (Movistar +) or advertising spots of prestigious international brands such as Porsche and Coca-Cola. Andorra has some attractive and privileged resources to entice international productions to come here but, up till now, it has had little success. There is a lot of work to be done. It is necessary to think creatively on different fronts to become an attractive centre for these great productions that generate significant benefits wherever they travel. (Think ‘Lord of the Rings’ and New Zealand. C.A.) From encouraging a dialogue between the industry and the country’s tourism sector, to creating attractive tax incentives and facilities to manage the logistics involved in the arrival of a shoot. We invite you to talk about a new economic engine yet to start. We will explain the situation in Andorra and analyse the steps to be taken to make it a reality. We will discover the possibilities and success stories to make Andorra a country of film.

v Saturday 25th May at 10h – 14h at La Llacuna Cultural Centre. (8€ for those aged 12 – 17. Limited space. Prior reservation needed using carnet jove) Instant Collaborative Short film Workshop. Every day 95 trillion photos and videos are shared on Instagram. In this workshop we offer you a challenge: take advantage of all the creative resources of the application to produce a collaborative video using the format of stories. We will use various shooting equipment and we will shoot the same story while playing with different points of view, working on an instant narration, fresh and dynamic.

v Saturday 25th May at 10.30 at La Llacuna Cultural Centre. Process Section: Les de l’hockey. Discover at first hand all the secrets of “Les de l’hockey”, the new TV3 series. A project that was born as a final-grade project by four students of Audio-visual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University and which tells the adventures and misfortunes of a young team of female hockey players. With the presence of Laura Azemar, Natàlia Boadas, Marta Vivet and Ona Anglada (creators of the series) and Claudia Riera (actress). Presented by Judit Pedrós and Jordi Domingo.


v From Wednesday at 21.30 – Friday at 19h a series of films shot in Spanish by young people. All being shown in the Teatre Comunal of Andorra la Vella.


v Saturday, 25th May starting at 7.30h in Sant Julià de Lòria and continuing at the Sanctuary of Canòlich. 7.30h Popular climb to Canòlich on the old road (leaving from the ITV – car testing – car park). 8h Setting off of firecrackers in Sant Julià. 8h Mass is the Parish Church. 10h Mass at the Canòlich Sanctuary. 11h Sardana dancing to the music of the Cobla Berga, Catalan band. 12h Mass and blessing with a performance of Canòlich’s Dance by the folkdance group Esbart Laurèdia. 13h Benediction and distribution of Canòlich bread.


v Monday 20th – Thursday, 23rd May at 19.45h at the Cinemes Illa Carlemany, Escaldes-Engordany. Long Shot. A romantic comedy directed by Jonathan Levine. Starring: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, June Diane Raphael. Fred Flarsky is a gifted and free-spirited journalist who has a knack for getting into trouble. Charlotte Field is one of the most influential women in the world – a smart, sophisticated and accomplished politician. When Fred unexpectedly runs into Charlotte, he soon realizes that she was his former baby sitter and childhood crush. When Charlotte decides to make a run for the presidency, she impulsively hires Fred as her speechwriter — much to the dismay of her trusted advisers.

CHILDREN (All activities are in Catalan unless otherwise stated.)

v Saturday, 25th May at 11h at the Public Library of La Massana. (Free. For infants 0 – 3) Session Born to read: Dins del Cor (Inside the heart) with Ada Cusidó. Synopsis: When the sun rises, we hang the clothes on the balcony so that they will dry in the soft wind. On the balcony, there are some friends whom I like: Samuel, who lives in the pocket of the checked shirt and splashes everyone with his big tail; Nicolau who flies, happily looking for someone to share the afternoon with, the joker, Cuc Malo, who will take your nose and hide it in his pocket, the presumptuous Filomena who is lazy and fine like the flowers!


v Thursday, 23rd May at 21.30h at the Hostal Palanques, La Massana. (25€. Reservation essential: tel. 330 773) The Flavour of the Music: Manouche/Gypsy Jazz with Love It.


v Thursday, 23rd May at 19h at the Comú sala d’actes Escaldes-Engordany. Phenoclim, observers of nature’ The Phoenician project began in 2004 in the Alps and has the open participation of citizens and school communities. After more than a decade, the cross-border project with European funding POCTEFA “FLORAPYR” is to be implemented in the Pyrenees. The FENO–logia, or the moment in which an event takes place in the life cycle of a plant, is strongly influenced by the CLIM– atology. The Phénoclim project groups the two sciences together with the intention of knowing how climate change is affecting the life cycle of Pyrenean plants. Starting with a network of volunteer observers throughout the Pyrenees and the Alps, the data on when a plant flourishes in each territory will allow us to know the variation that climate change is making in our environment. We invite you to come and see the Phénoclim project and the curiosities of the plants that star in this meeting.

v Saturday, 25th May from 11h – 13h in La Capsa, Spaces of creation, Ordino. (26.80€ register Tel. (+376) 878 175 or (+376) 835 861 or [email protected]) May Saturdays of Art: Photographic study of a nude model with Jean-Luc Herbert

v Sunday, 26th May starting at 10h in the Prat Gran, Encamp. The 4th Holi Party of Andorra. The Prat Gran d’Encamp will be filled with colours and music. The party will begin at 10h in the morning and will go on until 13h. During these three hours attendees will enjoy a yoga class from 10h – 11h (bring your own mat.) After that the Holi Festival begins with dance & music, a market, party and lots of colour. This year, a novelty will be the Bollywood dance group and DJ Banderas, and there will be more surprises that only the people who attend can discover. We recommend that you come dressed in your oldest clothes as, later on at the party, the clothes will be stained in all sorts of colours so you will not be able to use them again The organization will set up a stall where envelopes of colours will be sold: 1 envelope = 3€; 2 envelopes = 5€ and 5 bags of colours = 10€.

v Monday to Saturday until Tuesday, 31st December. (5€ each, with a minimum group of 5 people. By appointment. Tel: 862 704 or Email [email protected] to book.) Visit the Boris Craft Beer factory, Ordino for a guided tour, pica pic and beer tasting. 42°34’19.4″N 1°31’10.4″E . The visit consists of a talk about the manufacturing processes, allowing you to get a general idea of how beer is made. Based on four very basic ingredients, you can end up making a very special and popular product. You can see the machinery and the manual, handcrafted processes that make Boris a unique product. Boris Craft Beer was born from the desire to produce a quality product with two of the most prized elements of the area: water and our Andorran history. The water of the valleys of Ordino allows us to create some light beers following the English and Belgian tradition. A rarity in our history gives its name to our beer, and reminds us of one of the most unique episodes of our country: the adventure of a Russian aristocrat and his desire to be a king. At Boris, you will find a place where you can immerse yourself

in the refreshing world of beer while tasting a Golden, Brown, White, or seasonal beer. (For more on the adventure, read Boris’ story in Andorra Revealed. C.A.)


Saturday, 25th May from 10h – 14h in the Plaça dels Arínsols, Encamp. Encamp Saturday market. The Encamp Entrepreneurs Association (AEE) recommences their traditional market as a showcase for trade in the parish. This initiative, which was launched in 2014 with the collaboration of the Comú d’Encamp, has had numerous auxiliary activities such as botifarrades (sausage barbeques) children’s face painting, magic, musical performances or batucades (drum bands).

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