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Horseback riding: AndorraPyrenees

Horseback riding over fairy-tale Andorra—is an unforgettable experience. In Andorra, there are several jockey clubs and horse riding schools. The offered routes are not only mesmerizing with beauty but also have educational spirit as far as they go through historical sights of the Principality. Or your choice, there are the route of different complexity rates (with natural impediments in the form of masses of rock, for instance) and length (from one up to several days).

Jockey center in El Tarter (Canillo) offers one-day routes that last 1 hour, 2 hours, half a day or the whole day. Centre equestre El Tarter: Peu de pistes de Grandvalira, AD100 El Tarter, Canillo. Telephone: (+376)75 15 15.

Hipic L’Aldosa Club (La Massana), that has been working for 20 years offers the opportunity to ride both horses and pony. The school of horse riding is also functioning here; it is possible to select Spanish racers of different sizes and colors. The horses are bred especially for  mountainous ridings. In summer time all visitors, in spite of the age and level of preparation, are offered to visit an involving one-week horse riding with a guide. You will also be offered the route that leads from Comapedrosa National Park to Pla de l’Estany. At that, the tourists will ride horses on the way to the National Park. The road back lies through stony paths, thick pine and firry forests, crystal clear streams and over the wonderful places with pale-yellow jonquils and manifold lizards.

There is also the route La Massana circuit, that takes only 30 minutes or an hour—it is ideal for newcomers and children (it is possible to ride pony).

One more 1-hour long route is the walk over Ordino that ends up at La Gonarda Peak. From here one may enjoy a beautiful view at two Pyrenean valleys.

The riding to Casamanya peak (Redort circuit) lasts 2 hours and is ideal for galloping.

The route of the same time length (Anyos circuit) is aimed for galloping over 1-km long path. It is possible to organize 1-day long barbeque group tour (minimum 6 persons). Club Hipic L’Aldosa:  the booking of horses from 9.00 till 20.00. Tel. (+376) 837 329

Casa Bou is the riding that goes from Fontaneda to Os de Civis in Spain (1-day long) over thick aspen forests and picturesque mountainous settlements: Civis, La Galina pass and Ares. The route starts from San Julia de Loria. It is ideal for those who plan to practice in horse riding and also to enjoy beautiful landscapes and views over the whole central part of the Pyrenees.

There are also pony rides for small children in order for them to have the opportunity to accompany their parents that prefer horse racing. During such journey, it is possible to drop in a farm and see domestic animals and birds, to visit a  classical  garden and  kitchen-garden, where eco vegetables and fruit are growing.

The travelers may also select short rides around Fontaneda that last from 1,5 to 4 hours. Experienced riders may practice galloping.

In the period of school holidays, there are specialized classes: the children are taught not only horse riding but also how to take care of horses and how to feed them. The minimum age is 10 years old. Casa Bou: Fontaneda, Sant Julia de Loria, Tel.: (+376) 841 315 and 338 775.

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