Os de Civís – an interesting tourist spot near Andorra

Os de Civís is a village in the central Pyrenees mountains, in the municipality of Les Valls de Valira in Catalonia, Spain, and is located to the west of Andorra, near the villages of Aixàs and Bixessarri.

This is a village you can reach from Andorra without passing the official border. There is no border control between Andorra and Spain at this road at all. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the city from Sant Julia de Loria (by CG6).

The city is situated on the territory of the Spanish National Park L’Alt Pirineu. 5 hikind routes of different complexity through the park are available from this city.

Two hotels are available to stay in Os de Civís for a night (L’Hotel Os de Civís and L’Hostal La Font).

Excursions booking: 00-973- 369149

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