#55 ANDORRA’S COVID-19 UPDATES AND EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY as of 17h on Thursday, 7th May 2020


179 active cases – 5 less than yesterday.

1 new case – 1 more than yesterday.

14 people in hospital – 1 less than yesterday. 9 on the ward – same as yesterday. 5 in ICU (4 with mechanical ventilation) – both one less than yesterday

165 cases isolated at home – 4 less than yesterday.

5 cases amongst special services – same as for several days.

30 cases amongst healthcare professionals – 1 less than yesterday.

526 people recovered – 5 more than yesterday.

47 deceased – one more than yesterday.

752 Pandemic accumulated cases

Present at the 17h press conference: Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability: Silvia Calvó, Minister of Spatial Planning: Jordi Torres, Secretary of State for Health: Helena Mas


· Screening: A very positive assessment has been made of the first 4 days of operation of the stop labs. People who test positive for IgM and do not have a preferred GP can contact the doctor of their choice. GPs are receiving a significant avalanche of calls after patients receive their test results, in order to be able to give the relevant directions. The situation is expected to return to normal in the coming days. You need to be patient if you are unable to contact your GP on the first try.



· New Government Decree: There are new tariff aid packages for individuals from FEDA and Andorra Telecom (reductions, deferrals and splits). Social Affairs will process the discounted rate for families in need. If a family is unable to meet the discounted rate, the Department of Social Affairs will handle the payment. In no case will the supply be cut off.

· FEDA and Andorra Telecom have so far contributed more than 31 million euros to help deal with the health crisis.

FEDA has applied 100% discounts to 2,610 contracts and 80% to 799acontracts. The sum of the discounts applied amounts to € 760,964. FEDA has placed 10 million euros from its reserve fund into the Government fund.

· Andorra Telecom

Temporary discounts to 5,477 companies (100% discount if they have totally suspended activity, or 80% discount if the suspension is partial). The sum of the discounts applied amounts to € 812,559. Andorra Telecom has contributed 20 million euros to the Government fund.

· Once activity has resumed, companies can request other measures such as deferring the payment of invoices.

· Issuance of public debt: if it is not possible to cover this in full, FEDA and Andorra Telecom have the resources to buy it.

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