Moskva Hotel – Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

The Moskva Hotel is one of the largest hotels in Moscow and was built-in 1932-1935 as part of the project of architects L. Savelyev, O. Stapran and A. Shchusev (the second stage was completed in 1968-1977).

The new hotel was supposed to be the antipode of pre-revolutionary architecture: the nearest hotels “National” and “Metropol”. Being an imperial heritage, they were not very suitable for the role of the new face of socialism, and the “Western-fabulous” style did not correspond to the challenges of the new time. For this, the entire Okhotny Ryad, which was considered one of the dirtiest areas of the city, was cleared between the hotels from trading shops. The church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (the building of the State Duma is now located in its place) and the chapel of Alexander Nevsky in honor of the fallen in the Russian-Turkish war fell under the distribution. It became the first religious building in the capital, destroyed by the Soviet authorities.

It was dismantled in 2004. In its place, by 2013, the construction of a new hotel building had been completed and accurately reproduced, according to the designers, the external forms of the former one; however, it surpasses it in volume. Currently, the Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, where various shops and restaurants are located, occupies the building.

The Moskva Hotel, occupying an entire block, was one of the first hotels built in Soviet Moscow. The massive building plays a dominant role in shaping the area immediately adjacent to the Kremlin. Complex architectural plasticity, designed to coordinate the structure with the neighboring Kremlin and the building of the Historical Museum, distinguish “Moscow.”

The total area of the new complex is 183,000 m². In addition to hotel rooms and apartments, the complex includes offices, retail space and a congress center. One of the towers received additional windows, which were absent from the old version due to its position. The building was put into operation in 2013.

Address: Okhotny Ryad street, 2.

Nearest metro: Teatralnaya, Ohotny Ryad, Ploschad Revolyutsii.

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