Et Cetera theatre in Moscow

The “Et Cetera” under the direction of Alexander Kalyagin is a drama theatre in Moscow. Opened in 1993. It is a state budgetary institution of culture.

The theatre regularly goes on tour both in Russia and abroad. For example, in 2016-2017 the theater was in Columbia, Tbilisi, Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kirov and Khabarovsk.

The theater began to be built in 2003 and completed by 2005, the historical building of the site was demolished. The building was designed by the Mosproekt-4 Institute together with the construction company Arkonproekt.

The shape of the building is complex, a rounded one is inscribed in an acute-angled volume, the building is decorated in the style of postmodernism. Theater windows vary in style, shape and decoration. The entrance is decorated with a palace portal copied from the Bourges Palace. At the corner is a cylindrical tower, shaped like a nail and made in the constructivist style. The total area is 9.5 thousand m². Height is eight floors.

The interiors were designed by the Levinson and Partners architectural bureau. The rooms are decorated with elements of various styles. For example, the design of three wardrobe windows is different: one is stylized as a Russian tower, the second is made in the Gothic style, and the third is in the Art Nouveau style. The armchairs of the Great Hall are made in eleven different styles: early and late baroque, Louis XV, modern, neoclassicism, rococo and others. The theatre curtain, on which the golden letters “ETS” are repeated many times, was designed specifically for the theatre by the artist Eduard Korchergin.

The premises include:

  • Big Hall – 525 seats
  • Efrosovsky (small) hall – 120 seats
  • 13 artistic rooms
  • Banqueting hall
  • Tea room
  • Recording studio
  • Repair shops

Working hours: daily, 11:00–20:00, break 15:00–16:00

Address: Myasnitskaya St., 23, Moscow.

Located near the metro stations “Turgenevskaya”, “Chistye Prudy”, “Sretensky Boulevard”.

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