Malaya Dmitrovka Street

Malaya Dmitrovka Street (in 1944-1993 – Chekhov Street) is a street in the Tverskoy district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. It runs from Pushkinskaya Square to the Garden Ring.

The numbering of houses is conducted from Pushkinskaya Square.

It got its name from the trade road leading to the city of Dmitrov, and the Malaya Dmitrovskaya Sloboda formed on the sides of the road, in which merchants and artisans from Dmitrov settled.

The street was called Malaya Dmitrovka until 1944 when it was renamed Chekhov Street in connection with the 40th anniversary of the death of the writer A.P. Chekhov. In 1993, the name Malaya Dmitrovka was returned to the street.

Despite several reconstructions of the 20th – early 21st centuries that changed the architectural ensemble of the street, many remarkable historical buildings have been preserved on Malaya Dmitrovka, many of which are architectural monuments.

The territory of the quarter, bounded by Malaya Dmitrovka, Tverskaya Street, Degtyarny Lane and Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya Street, is the territory of the Vorotnikovskaya Staraya Sloboda cultural layer and belongs to the historical and cultural monuments of federal significance.

Notable buildings

On the odd side

The main house of the Dolgorukov-Bobrinsky city estate (No. 1/7)

Profitable house of M. M. Tyulyaeva (No. 3/10)

Multifunctional office center “Pallau-MD” (No. 7 and 9)

Profitable house of A. A. Sheshkov (No. 11/10)

Mansion of E. I. Zalogina (No. 13/17)

Mansion of M. N. Mansurova (M. F. Krasilshchikova) (No. 21/18)

Profitable house of V. M. Kostyakova (No. 23/15)

Profitable house of G. A. Gelrikh No. 25

City estate of I. G. Grigoriev – V. P. Pisemskaya (No. 27)

House of Firgang (No. 29)

On the even side

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Putinki (No. 2, Building 2)

Theater “Lenkom” (No. 6)

City estate of the Shubins (I. A. Sytenko – A. E. Vladimirova) (No. 12)

City estate of the Alekseevs (No. 14)

Mansion of E. M. Pautynskaya (No. 16)

City estate of A. N. Simonov (No. 18)

V. V. Pozner’s School of Television Mastery (No. 20)


Nearest metro: “Chekhovskaya“, “Pushkinskaya” and “Tverskaya”.

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