Chekhovskaya metro station

Chekhovskaya is a station on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line of the Moscow Metro. The station’s depth is 62 meters. At the time of opening, it was the deepest in the Moscow Metro. Located in the Central District of Moscow.

In the middle of the hall is a staircase leading to the passage to the Pushkinskaya station. At the western end of the central hall, there is an escalator slope to transition to the Tverskaya station.

The station was opened on December 31, 1987, during the extension of the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya line for one stage. It was named after Chekhov Street (now Malaya Dmitrovka). It became the 135th station of the Moscow Metro.

The pylons are faced with white marble. The track walls are decorated with mosaic panels based on the works of A.P. Chekhov (authors M.A. Shorchev and L.K. Shorcheva). In the hall’s center, original lamps are hung and decorated with metal bouquets and draperies.

Ground public transport

At this station, you can transfer to the following routes of urban passenger transport:

Buses: m1, m5, m40, e30, s344, s511, n1, n12.

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