Évol is a hamlet and former commune attached to the commune of Olette, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in the Pyrenees in France (Occitania).

It is part of the association – The most beautiful villages of France.

Located two kilometres north-west of the market town of Olette, the hamlet of Évol is perched at an altitude of 800 metres, overlooking the ribera d’Èvol.

It’s a typical village with shale-walled houses covered in roofing tiles.

Places and monuments

  • Saint-André church, dating from the 11th century and modified in the 18th century, was listed as a historic monument in 194313.
  • The 14th-century chapel of Saint-Étienne, rebuilt in the 18th century at the foot of the château.
  • The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.
  • The Ludovic-Massé literary cabinet.


Historians believe that the castle was dismantled at the end of the 17th century on the orders from the French marshal Vauban who initiated the campaign for the demolition of the old military fortifications, which could serve as a rebellion’s haven after the conclusion of the Treaty of the Pyrenees.

The castle ruins passed into private hands after the French Revolution and then Evol mayor’s office purchased it for possible recovery in 1990.

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