Andorran delegation visits Occitania to learn about different food project initiatives that could serve as an example in Andorra

photo: Govern

An Andorran delegation headed by Agriculture Director, Landry Riba, visits the region of Occitania (France) this Tuesday and Wednesday to learn about different food project initiatives that could serve as an example in Andorra (Pyrenees).

The delegation has members of the Department of Agriculture and four producers that are part of the trademark Agricultural Products and Artisans of Andorra.

The visit is part of the cooperation between the Government and the Region of Occitania, and especially in the collaboration between the Department of Agriculture and the Regional Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forestry.

Thus, among the various lines of cooperation, it was considered that Andorran producers should learn about some of the territorial food projects. These projects bring together all actors that are related to food, such as producers, the agricultural sector, distribution companies, transporters, dietitians, waste managers, administration and associations.

All the actors are part of the same project and it is in this sense that the Andorran delegation has shown an interest in learning about its operation, since the policies surrounding the food in Andorra come from different points of view but there is currently no body or strategy that groups together all those involved. On the other hand, the role of the Occitan agricultural and livestock sectors in these comprehensive projects must allow for the identification of possible lines of work to favor the diversification of the Andorran primary sector.

The Andorran delegation is discovering several projects that can serve as a source of inspiration. This Tuesday, they met the territorial food projects of the Cerdanya and the Natural Park of the Pyrenees of Ariège.

This Wednesday the delegation will visit the Chamber of Agriculture and, finally, Agriculture Director Landry Riba will meet with the regional Food, Agriculture and Forestry Directorate to continue working on the eight lines of cooperation established.

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