France, UK, Spain and Italy condemned the terrorist attack at Crocus City in Moscow

France, the UK, Spain and Italy have expressed condolences to Russia over the terrorist attack in Crocus City, condemning such actions. Paris called to “shed full light” on the situation.

What happened at Crocus City Hall is disgusting, the French Foreign Ministry said. “The images reaching us from Moscow are terrible. Our thoughts are with the victims and the injured, as well as with the Russian people. Full light must be shed on these abhorrent acts,” the diplomatic ministry said.

The terrorist attack in Crocus City was condemned by the British Embassy in Russia. The diplomatic mission’s Telegram channel says: “We condemn the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall near Moscow. This is a terrible tragedy. We express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of those affected and killed…”

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani wrote that he had contacted the diplomatic chargé d’affaires in Russia and was monitoring the situation with the diplomatic ministry’s crisis unit. “I express condemnation of all forms of terrorism and solidarity with the families of the victims”, he said.

The Italian embassy in Russia has published the phone number of the crisis unit, which can be called in case of emergency.

Spain’s foreign ministry said in connection with the terrorist attack in Crocus City that Barcelona “condemns any form of violence”. “We are alarmed by the news coming from Russia. Our solidarity with the victims, their families and the Russian people,” the diplomatic ministry said in a publication.

Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a televised address to Russians in connection with the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall entertainment centre. Putin said that all four direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack in “Crocus” were detained while trying to leave Russian territory.

24 March was declared a national day of mourning in Russia.

On the evening of 22 March, a terrorist attack took place in the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Krasnogorsk (Moscow Region). Before the performance of the band “Picnic” armed men burst into the hall and opened fire on the audience. After that, a series of explosions sounded and a fire broke out.

Earlier Muslim leaders of Russia unanimously condemned the terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall”.

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