Two spectacular video mappings will take place in Andorra

Tuesday, 8th and Wednesday 9th December between 18h and 20h, one showing every 15 minutes at the Casa de la Vall, Andorra la Vella (Andorra, Pyrenees).

Free event – limited space.

Video Mapping Nights – Emersive. The Embassy of France in Andorra and the Ull Nu Festival (Naked Eye Festival) present two spectacular video mappings as part of the French Saison Culturelle 2020-2021. Emersive, by the Arcaan collective, is a hypnotic experience inspired by the first scientific experiments on the atom which takes place in a futuristic 8-bit universe.

Composed of a single sequence plan, this video mapping offers an exploration of various microcosms through geometric grids, low poly shapes and fractals based on the architecture of the Casa de la Vall. It combines vivid colours like emerald green and purple typical of Synthwave images. The viewer’s journey through this sequence of psychedelic shots requires the adaptation of the camera’s movement according to the music: rotation, flotation, fall, ascent, advance, and retraction.

Arcaan Collective: Founded by Antoine Briot, sound designer, and Jeremy Oury, digital artist, Arcaan encourages the parallel writing processes of image and sound. The synesthesia worked by the duo has been recognized several times for its immersive nature. Arcaan quickly declined its minimalist and geometric universe in architectural mapping work and immersive installations. Each building and immersive space becomes a visual and sound laboratory for the group, conducive to the emergence of a new artistic grammar.

Since its creation, the group has shown its creations in various international digital festivals (FIMG 2015 Spain, VISUALIA 2018 Croatia, ISEA 2019 South Korea, ILLUMINATE 2019 UK, …) and won some awards: award of the public ICIA 2018, prize of the jury FIMG 2015, to the best fulldome short Macon film festival 2019, Courant3D festival 2020, …).

Friday, 11th and Saturday 12th December between 18h and 20h, one showing every 15 minutes in the Plaça Coprínceps, Escaldes-Engordany.

Free event – limited space.

More information see event above for general background) Video mapping nights – Prism by the artist Jérémy Oury. Light is the beginning of all things. The prism divides this light into three main components: blue, red, and yellow. The 3 faces of the prism contain 3 trichromatic universes. By the action of light, each of them uniquely reveals a part of the architecture of the building.

By means of an aerial and asynchronous soundtrack, the permanent rotation of the prism plays with the imagination of the spectator, interrupting the movements of construction and deconstruction …, until this catalyst gathers the rays of light to make a unique element.

Jérémy Oury combines sound and visual skills to create unique installations and promote a new vision of digital arts. It works in immersive ways to place the viewer at the centre of a minimalist virtual universe disrupting their perception of space. He develops his work through different multimedia forms such as architectural cartography, LED projection, digital installations, 360° fulldome projection or even theatre.

Since 2014, his work has received several awards at international mapping and fulldome festivals (ISEA 2019 in South Korea, FILE festival and Rio Mapping festival in Brazil, + CODI in Argentina, FIMA in Mexico, MADATAC in Spain , 1Min Projection Mapping in Japan, KuzeFest in Chile, Macon Film Festival in the United States and many others in Europe).

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