The oyster farm of Leucate, France

France is the European leader in oyster production.

The oyster contains many nutrients essential to the functioning of our body. Among others, phosphorus (tissue growth and regeneration), iron (cell development), zinc (immune defences, production of genetic material, participation in the production of testosterone), copper (tissue structure, defense against free radicals), selenium (antioxidant) or the essential vitamin B12 (production and maintenance of nerve cells).

After having reproduced on the coasts of Charente, Vendée or in the Arcachon basin, they are raised on the entire coast.

Their size ranges from 0 to 5, with zero being the size for the largest oysters.

The Leucate (Occitania) oyster is growing rapidly because the Leucate pond is very rich in plankton.

Obtaining a commercial-size oyster takes 14 to 16 months of rearing.

Photos: Irina Rybalchenko

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