Barony of Ódena. The Fair of castles and borderlands. 28/01/2024

Barony of Ódena (Spain, Catalonia). The Fair of castles and borderlands. 28/01/2024

As part of the Sant Sebastià celebrations, Òdena puts value on tradition, history and local heritage with the Ódena Barony Fair, the fair of castles and borderlands.

The activities begin with the popular grilled breakfast, thanks to the collaboration of the Carrer de la Guixera Neighborhood Association and the opening at the same time of the artisans and manufactured products fair, where you can taste natural cheeses, sausages, bread, sweets or medieval pastries.

Then the traditional Sardana Dances come, organized by the Colles Sardanistes of Òdena and the Joc de la cucanya, with prizes from local businesses for the skilled winners.

Òdena is a municipality in the comarca of the Anoia in Barcelona province, Catalonia, Spain. It is situated in the centre of the Òdena Basin, on the side of a small hill. The remains of Òdena castle with its octagonal tower are at the top of the hill. The town is served by the C-241 road from Igualada to Manresa, and the main N-II road from Barcelona to Lleida runs through the municipality.

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Photos: Alex Monroe

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