The caganer, although like many other traditions has spread to more places outside Catalonia, is a typical figure of the Catalan Christmas, said Fabiola Sofia Masegosa, professor, translator and writer

Fabiola Sofía Masegosa Gayo born in Alicante on April 9, 1968. She is a professor and a professional translator: she has a degree in Spanish UNED and PhD in Catalan Philology (University of Lleida). Also, she is the author of the thesis “The theater life in Andorra from 1900 to 1970” (2017). In 2018, she …


Fairy tales are the best therapy, people forget about their everyday routine and start a magical journey with me, said Cédric Hoareau, a mountain guide and professional narrator

Cédric Hoareau is a mountain guide and professional narrator of the legends of the Catalan Pyrenees. He offers a unique service – organizing walking tours and hiking trails, regardless of the season, to places related to mysterious stories and legends. He tells these legends himself. This type of educational tourism is becoming increasingly popular among …