The Witches’ Fair in Sant Feliu Sasserra (Fires de les Bruixes), Catalonia

The Witches’ Fair in Sant Feliu Sasserra, Catalonia, Spain (Fires de les Bruixes)

Are you interested in everything related to witchcraft? In Sant Feliu Sasserra, Catalonia, you will be told about witches who were once executed here.

All cultures and peoples believed in a supernatural reality that interferes with their daily activities.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century, in the context of the demographic, social, economic and religious crisis in Catalonia and Europe, a series of processes involving witchcraft and charms took place.

Cosme Soler, pseudonym Tarrago, who was the discoverer of the witches, in 1618 started his activity in Sant Feliu Sasserra, and after the main processes related to the witchcraft followed.

In the 17th century, about 400 women from all over Catalonia were accused of witchcraft and executed.

In commemoration of these events, the Fair of the Witches (Fires de les Bruixes) is held annually in Sant Feliu Sasserra. During two days (October 31 – November 1) theatrical performances reconstruct the history and events of that dark era.

The festival of witches has been celebrated since 2001, although the All Saints City Fair has been celebrated since time immemorial.

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Photo: Alex Monroe

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