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Traditions and folklore of Catalonia

The popular festivals in Catalonia and Catalan Countries are the set of traditional festivals that are celebrated in the Catalan-speaking territories. The main elements shared by the traditional festivals will be described below.

Fire is the most important element of traditional festivals, which denotes a great pagan root. It is interesting to note that these festivals …

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Catalan cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine and its typical example

Catalan cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine and its typical example. Most often references are made to the food of Catalonia and Northern Catalonia, and occasionally Andorra but some contemporary authors like Josep Pla, Jaume Fàbrega, Eliana Thibaut i Comalada, Ferran Agulló and the English-language writer, Colman Andrews, talk about shared gastronomy throughout the Catalan …

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Let the parish festivals begin: 41st parish festival of Escaldes-Engordany



Saturday, 15th June at 11h, all starting from the Escaldes-Engordany Art Centre (CAEE) (Places limited. Inscriptions at CAEE. Tel: 80 22 55 or [email protected]) Free guided walks around the parish. Tours of discovery around the parish organised under three themes to arouse interest in various aspects of …

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In honor of International Museum Day, the game “In Search of Andozin will be organized in Andorra ” for the whole family to participate in

“Buscant els andosins” (“In Search of Andozin” ) – is the name of the game which will be organized in Andorra in honor of International Museum Day on 18th May.

The game will allow participants to travel in time and in different places related to the heritage and history of Andorra.

The event will take place from …