The French Embassy in Andorra organised a student fair on higher education in France

The French Embassy in Andorra (Pyrenees) is interested in developing higher and professional education of Andorrans in France and for the second year running organises a student fair on higher education in France. The event took place on 23 November at the Congress Centre in Andorra la Vella.

According to M. TRIBOLET, France treats Andorrans as French citizens, that they receive a similar bursary and benefit from housing assistance. Around 70% of young Andorrans go to France to pursue higher and professional education.

In Andorra, there are 11 French primary schools and kindergartens, as well as the Lycée Comte de Foix. The French system has about 4,000 students and more than 300 French teachers formed in France. France spends between $26-27 million euros per year to pay them.

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