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The Strategic Plan for the renovation and improvement of the Andorran educational system (PERMSEA) is updated

The Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the head of Education and Higher Education, Eric Jover, approved the decree for the publication of the secondary teaching programs of the Andorran School.

The programs establish the competencies and resources of the seven areas of learning (languages, maths, physical and natural sciences, social sciences, technology, visual and …


At “Conversa”, we offer three main advantages – we come to you, tailor the course around your needs and don’t charge any money to join, says the co-director of the new school of Andorra “Conversa”, Amy Topham

This summer in Andorra, a new language school “Conversa” opened. The co-director of the school, experienced and professional teacher, Amy Topham, shared with her thoughts about the methodology and the main advantages of learning English with “Conversa” in comparison with their competitors:

“My business partner, Alex Hadden, and I, have just opened Conversa after a …