Rodez Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez) is a Roman Catholic church located in town of Rodez, in the department of Aveyron in the Occitania region of Southern France (Massif Central).

The cathedral is a national monument and is the seat of the Bishopric of Rodez.

The west front, of a military appearance and without a portal, formerly was part of the city wall of Rodez. Notable elements include a Flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance tower (17th century), and a Renaissance rood screen and choir stalls (17th century).

The great organ is one of the famous features of the cathedral. The buffet was constructed in 1628 by Raymond Guimond de Périgueux to house an organ built by Vernohlles de Poitiers.

The instrument was rebuilt in 1676 by Jean de Joyeux. It was reconstructed again in 1902 by Charles Anneessens, then rebuilt once again in 1986 par Jean-Georges & Yves Koenig to return it to its earlier form under Jean de Joyeux Joyeuse en 1986.

Both the buffet and the instrument are protected in the list of French historic monuments.

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