The Espanya Industrial Park is located between the Sants and Hostafrancs neighborhoods, in the Sants-Montjuïc district of the city of Barcelona (CataloniaSpain), next to the Barcelona-Sants railway station.

It was built in 1985 by the architects Luis Peña Gantxegi, Antón Pagola and Monserrat Ruiz, on the land left free by Industrial Spain, an old textile factory founded in 1847 that moved to Mollet del Vallès in 1972. The park was thoroughly renovated in 2009.

The park is inspired by the four primary elements: water, earth, fire and air. Along the San Antonio promenade, tall lighting towers border the park, from which steps lead to an artificial lake, which is you can travel by boat. The office building of the old factory, Casa del Mig, is preserved, which is currently a youth center.​ The park also has a sports center, ping-pong tables and a children’s play area.

In the park there are several sculptures:

  • The Dragon, by Andrés Nagel (1987), weighing 150 tons, is shaped like a dragon.
  • Neptuno, by Manuel Fuxá (1881), located in the center of the lake.
  • Modern Venus, by José Pérez Pérez “Peresejo” (1929)
  • Torso of a woman, by Enric Casanovas (1947)
  • The oxen of abundance, by Antonio Alsina (1926)
  • Landa V, by Pablo Palazuelo (1985)
  • Alto Rhapsody, by Anthony Caro (1985).

Address: Carrer de Muntadas, 1, 08014 Barcelona, Spain


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